Friday, September 10, 2010

IOU to ShutUpandRun

Share So over at ShutupandRun she asked her followers to post about their days and since she doesn't have very many followers I didn't want to make her feel bad by not contributing.  So here is my least today...every day is different-THAT'S what makes my life SO exciting! Try not to be jealous.

Around 7:30 as I lay in my soft cozy bed I hear the first rumblings from the children and I begin to get up but the nanny beats me to them and has them bathed, dressed and breakfast cooking while she goes through their arithmetic to be sure they are ready for their test that day so I pull the covers up over my head and drift off to sleep again.  A bit later the kids come in and I bid them farewell and kiss them goodbye and they head to school.  I roll out in time to get ready and meet my girlfriends for brunch and a day of shopping and the spa followed by..... MAMA--I STINKY, MAMA! MAMA! STINKY BUM!

6:30 Wha? What? Oh-that.  I ACTUALLY wake up.
Quick prayer
The rest happens in a blur.
Change 2YO diaper and get her dressed.
Wake up 10YO and 8YO
Start Breakfast-toast and eggs
The smaller plates are mom and dads and 4 and 2YO's, 10 and 8YO started eating us under the table a few years ago?  What will my grocery bill look like when they are teenagers?

Give orders- 10YO piano, 8YO Reading and study for spelling test
30 minutes later switch--8YO Piano, 10 YO read and study spelling
Wake up 4 YO
Everyone eats breakfast-toast, eggs, and fruit smoothie
Mom (me) eats in <1 minute and has kitchen cleaned before many others have taken first bite
Go check email, FB, and Read a couple of blogs
Make the rounds checking bedrooms and telling kids to hurry up and make beds and have their rooms clean before they go to school
Make my bed
Go to the bathroom
Pack 4YO lunch
What 4YO would not love to eat a dinosaur turkey sandwich?

Write checks for 8YO and 10YO lunches
Pack gym bag
Everyone else finishes breakfast
Ask 10, 8, and 4 YO if they have brushed their teeth.
Answer: no.
ME: Go do it and get your shoes on.
Mom cleans up everyone else's breakfast plates and starts the dishwasher.
Kids goofing off and running around.
Me: Have you brushed your teeth yet?
Answer: no.
ME: Go do it and get your freakin shoes on!
About 8:20
Me:  To 10 and 8 YO--Why do you not have your shoes on yet?  How many times do I have to ask you?! Seriously!
They go get their shoes on.
Me: Did you brush your teeth too?
Them: No
Them: They go brush.
Backpacks on, quick prayer, hugs and 10 YO and 8YO are out the door for the bus.
8:40 Time to get little's (4yo and 2yo) into the car.
Notice the garage door was open all night.  Lovely.
What I was thinking "Hopefully they stole a bunch of stuff so I don't have to organize it. Again"
Pulling out of the driveway and I spot THIS on the Lawn!
Don't think it's hot in AZ?  Ask this guy.  Sad :( 

Car comes to sudden stop.
Me, running in the house yelling up to hubs in his office: "TRAVIS COME HERE QUICK!"
Travis: Comes running down thinking something is wrong.
Me:  Look at that!
Him:You mean the Frog?
Me: Ya
Him turning to head back to office: Ya I saw that a few days ago.
Him: Whaaaat?
Me: Why didn't you take care of it then you dork!?
Him laughing: I will, I will.
Me: I gotta go, put it in the garbage.  It's gross, and sad, but mostly gross.
Him: laughing and trying to kiss me, -k- bye
Drive 4YO to preschool and drop off
Drive to gym, check 2YO into "Kids Club"
Run 6.2 miles at goal 10K race pace--cha ching!
Thinking: I need to pick a race.
Shower at gym-get out and I forgot to pack a towel-NICE!
Try to "Air Dry" as best I can.
Get dressed.  No non-running shoes packed in gym bag. Crap!
Looked like a moron wearing this with running shoes.  (EMZ don't tell Peanut)
If my shirt didn't have a BIG ruffle on it I might have got away with the shoes but not the case. I chopped my head off the picture for obvious reasons.

Picked up 2YO and headed to car and I really needed/wanted a QT Diet Coke w/Vanilla but then I realized in all the frog commotion this morning I grabbed my gym bag but not my purse. Crap!
Found 90 cents in money thing in car!  SWEET!  3 cents to spare!
Went to QT- got my beverage.
Gave clerk the 90 cents and his reply "You're all set"
Me: Deer in headlights/crickets.
Him again slower: "You're all set"
Me: Thanks, nervous laugh and fake smile, (walking away thinking that guy just STOLE my 3 cents!--whatever!)
2YO threw a tantrum on floor because she did not get her usual slurpee (no money) and I was sad for her.  I told her I would share and gave her my drink.
Sadie loves to wear her "new" hat everywhere--love her!

I know, I know, I shouldn't give my 2YO a Caffeinated beverage but it wasn't like it was a BEER or anything.  I mean WHO would do that?  I can't think of ANYONE that would do THAT--Can you Q?
Drove home.
Looked at lawn.
Guess what was still there.
In case you missed it the first time.  This is a bullfrog so I'm guessing he was trying to make his way to our water feature as you can see didn't quite get there.  Travis fertilized the lawn a few days before I noticed him so maybe that somehow contributed to his demise.  RIP little froggy.

Me: Grrr.
Him still in office (upstairs): I will I will.
Him laughing: I WILLLLL!!  Don't be a FREAK!
Me thinking: "Did he just call me a Freak?"
I waited 5 minutes then did this.  Snuck out side door, went around to front door and rang the door bell then snuck back in side door and went and opened the front door.
Me in sweet wife voice: "Travis the door is for you"
Him, all suddenly nice: "Okay thanks, I'll be right down"
Me, evil laughing inside.
Him, going to door and looking outside.
ME-shoving his sorry A** out the door and locking it!
Me laughing HA HA HA HA HA HA while saying "Whose the FREAK now SUCKAH!!" Along with doing a victory jig!
Me: Your not coming back in here until you throw that frog in the garbage FREAK!
Him: shaking his head
(It's times like this that the words you said all those years know the ones....."til death do us part" start sounding more like a goal rather than a commitment.)

Anyway, that's all I've gotten to so far today but I'm guessing it's probably TMI already.  I'm heading off to make lunch and get back to our "normal" life.  TGIF People.


P.S.  I did eventually let Travis back in, eventually :)


  1. LOL!

    Think of a company of about 130 hungry marines ... just in from a non-stop battle where they fought for 2 1/2 days straight. Now think of all the food to feed them in a day.

    Take that amount and triple it for each child.

    Our 19yo ... can get home at 4 am and make himself 12 scrambled eggs and drink all of my after run chocolate milk (I guess I need to sacrifice something)

  2. ... sacrifice something ... like out 19yo

  3. Nice way to turn the tables on the freak!! Love that you locked him out b/c that is so something I would do. And love that you played along. So fun to read about a day in the life of YOU. Man you get a lot done. And I would go back for your three cents. That's just my two cents.

  4. hahaha!! This seriously had me laughing and shaking my head lol... i wish my life were that interesting ;)

  5. LOL!! Great post. Do NOT add water to that frog!

  6. Hey! I found you through shut up and run. This had me almost out of my chair laughing! Well written and well done on having all those kids organized!

  7. LOL...That caffeinated beverage is a gateway drink...YOU KNOW WHAT'S NEXT. That frog looks like E.T. Andrew and I are SO thankful that we don't have those here in Canada. GREAT POST!

  8. HAHAHAHAHA. Love the doorbell trick. I’ve called my wife before on the home phone to have her get me stuff. She was not impressed.
    Maybe the frog was just sleeping? YES – with his eyes open. Duh.

  9. That frog is awesome. I would have put him on a jar on the mantle!



    You are freaking hilarious. AND one BUSY MAMA!!
    Is Q - calling me a frog!? ET?!

    Peanut would certainly OK the shoes.

  11. Oh my that was hilarious! This is why everyone loves you! You are funny without even trying! I am putting on the running shoes and getting a run in today! ~Laura

  12. This post seriously made me laugh SO HARD! You crack me up! By the way, I loved the picture of you with your running shoes on! :)

  13. So wish I were a better blog "follower" I could use you in my head every day reminding me to get up and get going when I really want to sleep in :) Sorry about the frog, funny that Trav got locked out to get it :) And the 3 cents... move here w/me, refills are an even $.75 (through the drive-thru) Missin you, lets plan Nashville soon!!