Monday, April 11, 2011

Keepin it Real

Share A few weeks ago Travis and I just happen to be going for a run at the same time so I asked him if he wanted to run with me.
His reply.........
and I quote..... 
12 years later, the Honeymoon is over.

This morning I got an email from the people from the Pat Tillman Run Race that Travis and I will be participating in this weekend.
It was an email telling us what are bib # is and what corral we will start from.
So my bib # is 7342.  
Travis's bib # is 538.  
So immediately I started wondering what this all means.  I've never run in a "Big" race before.  The Pat Tillman is expecting 30,000 people.  That is more than a little nuts in my book.  
Anyway back to the analyzing of the bib #'s.  

First thing I thought is my bib # is much higher than Travis's so I'm guessing that shows that I am a much slower runner than him.  Not news to me.  I registered myself way before I registered him so I know it's not assigned by order of registration.  
Although receiving this # doesn't really bother me one way or another does a specific bib # bother anyone out there?  Especially if you are running with friends and they have a lower #?  Just curious.

The second thing I thought of was that although Travis's # is much lower than mine at #538, does this mean that their are 537 people registered that expect to run faster than him? Seems that way to me.  Last year Travis ran this race and placed 72 overall.  So unless there are some much faster runners this year I am thinking I must have screwed up his race time when I registered him for this race.  Hopefully he will be in the 1st starting corral.  
But if not than.......
You know what they say......

Karma's a B*tch!  What goes around comes around buddy!  Next time I ask if you want to run with me you say YES!  

If you've been following me for a bit you know I'm totally teasing.  We all know if Travis isn't in the first corral he will find a way to push, shove, cheat and weasel his way up there and he will be just fine.  I say all this about him with love.  

Hopefully I'll see some of you out there this weekend!
Happy Running,


  1. hehe, LOVE it! there are lots of times when I secretly wish that John were also a runner, but most of the time, I am emphatically glad he is NOT.

  2. So awesome you are running this!

    one day - I'm making you run this with me.....sad I've never done it. :(

    Have a blast!!

  3. I have missed laughing hysterically as I read one of your posts! Thanks for making my day! FYI, I am fairly certain that I would have been bib #29,501, so you BOTH really rock in my eyes!

  4. That race sounds like a blast! Have fun. Knock'em dead sweet lady.

  5. Maybe Travis will trip and you will run right past him in your later wave! He won't hurt himself, of course, just be delayed awhile. Fingers crossed!! :)

  6. Hahahaha. Yeah, I have to be VERY careful whenever I say things like that about running to my wife. Very careful indeed. :)

    Hope to see you there!! I'd try to make plans to meet up, but if past years are any indication, it is just too much of a mad house.

  7. Ha, you and my wife are the same woman ... she gets so upset when I don't want to run at "her pace". Sorry gals!

  8. Too funny, good luck with the race

  9. Yes or you want to run with me in San Diego?

  10. Yes I want to run with you Chris but at my pace please :) I know you are just trying to kiss up still. Keep going, I like this new twist in our relationship.

  11. Hahaaha. I registered way before my fiance ( he registered on race day although numerous times I tried to register him before but he said he didn't want to run) and on race day his bib was like in the hundreds or early 1000s and mine was in the 2000s. I was secretly jealous! Good luck!