Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank You Chris, Neil, Ana-Maria and Jill! YTB.

Have you ever felt like you were having an "affair" when you were blogging?  Like you have to sneak down before everyone in your family wakes up or stay up late at night and quickly check others posts or write a quick post yourself because the minute they wake up they get really annoyed with you if you are on the computer.  I love blogging and reading others blogs but it can be addicting and sometimes sucks me in.
(I don't know if that even made any sense)

Moving on
There are several people I want to Thank so I'll just get to it

Remember that Poster Contest Chris K and Barefoot Neil had awhile back?  Well I won!  Neiner Neiner!  It took me a while to choose what photo I wanted because we all know Neil has some AMAZING photos but I finally settled on this one.
I loved this picture because it reminds me of where I grew up.  In front of my house there was a huge field where all the neighborhood kids played all day every day.  When I saw this on Neil's blog that is what it reminded me of.  So call me a sentimental sap if you must but I love it.  Thank You.  And thank you to Chris K for putting it on canvas and mailing out to me.  Soon it will be in a frame and up on the wall.

Bloggy Secret Santa

The other day I received this in the mail and it was very exciting!
My secret Santa was Ana-Maria over at RunningLiving so Thank you, Thank you for the CD.  It's actually perfect for me because I'm terrible at updating my Ipod and I do a lot of treadmill running at home when the kids are doing other things and I need to be able to hear them so I can put this on in the background and still enjoy some tunes and hear the littles running around.  

Speaking of littles I can hear them starting to stir to get out of bed.....crap, I better hurry.  One last Thank you to Jill for putting this whole gift exchange together.  It was super fun.

Happy Running and Happy Holidays,
Adrienne -NRR

**Just checked my email and look what I found!!!!  
"Thanks for shopping at
Your order 
#14D85SH has been shipped and should arrive by Jan 04, 2011." 

January 4th!!!  WTH!!  Crappers.  I am the worst Bloggy Secret Santa ever.  I think I might need to break Jill's rule and send my blogger buddy and email to let them know I haven't forgot about you it is just going to take way longer to ship than I thought.  So if your the only one out there that hasn't gotten a gift yet, so sorry.

**Okay, email sent with my head hung in shame.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A run like Jamoosh! Finally!

I'm guessing many of you follow Jamoosh over at the The Last Mile Lounge and it seems that all of his latest posts have been about how wonderful his runs have been.

 To quote:
 "I was a well-oiled machine, moving easily and fluidly and may as well been at the altar of the Running Gods (apparently small animal sacrifices are paying off)." 

He has a way with words that Jamoosh and I've been wanting a run like this and haven't seen one of these runs for several weeks/months.  Until today.

The schedule said it was to be a 4 mile tempo run at 10 min. per mile pace.  I realize this is a warm up for a lot of folks out there but I know my limits.  My life allows me to run 3 times a week and my race that I'm training for is "just" a half marathon but I'm okay with that.  I really am.  I'm not going to let my ego talk me into doing something that really is out of reach right now and then end up maxed out at all ends and forgetting why I run in the first place.  This will be my 1st official half marathon as opposed to my unofficial half marathon and after today I'm excited.

I borrowed my husbands Garmin again and realized I'm starting to like these things.  I'm realizing  that I really need to listen to Coach Dean's advice and stop mixing up my expectations with my goals because I AM reaching my goals and yet even then will somehow tell myself "it's not good enough" because somehow my expectation wasn't met. 

Goals can be measured and expectations usually cannot.  
Example of Expectation:  "I want to have a good run" ---How do you measure this?
Example of a Goal:  "I want to run 4 miles and maintain a 10 minute per mile pace or faster"--Easily measured.

It's obvious this is a lesson I learn and relearn over and over, and over and over.
Run ended with a 39:27 for a 9:52 pace.  Which is my fastest 4 miler in a while.  Yay me.
Do you confuse your expectations with your goals?  Something to think about.
Happy Running 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Just Kickin' it"

Next time the Non Race Runner decides to train for her yearly race and schedules it to happen right after the holiday season feel free to kick her in the head.

Apparently that was not the best idea I've ever had.  Training has been going well.......mmmmmm.......errrrrr.   I have been running, yes but it's been pathetic.  The plan has gone from setting a PR, to enjoying the race, to just getting through.  Okay, I'm not quite to the just getting through phase but I feel it lurking around every corner.   I've hardly had time to make any witty comments on others blogs let alone captivate you all with my own bullcrap intuitive blog posts.  Please forgive me.  If I don't blog again until after Santa arrives I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

I leave you with a recent running experience.  I was in San Diego last week for a few days (no I didn't meet up with BQ or Die because he ditched me for his "training" schedule because he is so hardcore or some other bogus reason) but I did have a chance to go for a run on my own.  I started off on the hotel treadmill and after a mile and a half it dawned on me that I was in the city without my children on my hip/leg/lap/arm and I could run outside!! Who would have thought?!  So I exited the building and introduced myself to the great outdoors of running once again.  I had a lovely 6 mile run along the harbor and saw the sights of San Diego.
Well I saw two sights of San Diego.  The Harbor and the USS Midway. The other day I was in town I spent the entire day in bed, ordering room service and reading a book.  It was awesome. 

Here are some songs my kids have been singing. They thought these were the actual words. I don't know why I think it's so funny.

Eminem by Reece (4 years old) 

   "I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid, to take the stairs, everybody, come take my hand"

Silent night rendition by Landon (10 Years old)

 "Silent night, Holy night, all is calm all is right, Round young imbecile tender and mild" 

Hope you are all enjoying this time of year with your family and loved ones.
 Once again Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are you a glass half full or half empty person?

I've been busy catching up our life on my Family Blog and have been neglecting my running blog (not my running) so when I came across this little gem I thought I would share with you.  It's not really appropriate for the family blog with the grandma and grandpa viewers.
Blogging 101: You have to know your audience.  Enjoy.

Happy Running,