Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank You Chris, Neil, Ana-Maria and Jill! YTB.

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Have you ever felt like you were having an "affair" when you were blogging?  Like you have to sneak down before everyone in your family wakes up or stay up late at night and quickly check others posts or write a quick post yourself because the minute they wake up they get really annoyed with you if you are on the computer.  I love blogging and reading others blogs but it can be addicting and sometimes sucks me in.
(I don't know if that even made any sense)

Moving on
There are several people I want to Thank so I'll just get to it

Remember that Poster Contest Chris K and Barefoot Neil had awhile back?  Well I won!  Neiner Neiner!  It took me a while to choose what photo I wanted because we all know Neil has some AMAZING photos but I finally settled on this one.
I loved this picture because it reminds me of where I grew up.  In front of my house there was a huge field where all the neighborhood kids played all day every day.  When I saw this on Neil's blog that is what it reminded me of.  So call me a sentimental sap if you must but I love it.  Thank You.  And thank you to Chris K for putting it on canvas and mailing out to me.  Soon it will be in a frame and up on the wall.

Bloggy Secret Santa

The other day I received this in the mail and it was very exciting!
My secret Santa was Ana-Maria over at RunningLiving so Thank you, Thank you for the CD.  It's actually perfect for me because I'm terrible at updating my Ipod and I do a lot of treadmill running at home when the kids are doing other things and I need to be able to hear them so I can put this on in the background and still enjoy some tunes and hear the littles running around.  

Speaking of littles I can hear them starting to stir to get out of bed.....crap, I better hurry.  One last Thank you to Jill for putting this whole gift exchange together.  It was super fun.

Happy Running and Happy Holidays,
Adrienne -NRR

**Just checked my email and look what I found!!!!  
"Thanks for shopping at
Your order 
#14D85SH has been shipped and should arrive by Jan 04, 2011." 

January 4th!!!  WTH!!  Crappers.  I am the worst Bloggy Secret Santa ever.  I think I might need to break Jill's rule and send my blogger buddy and email to let them know I haven't forgot about you it is just going to take way longer to ship than I thought.  So if your the only one out there that hasn't gotten a gift yet, so sorry.

**Okay, email sent with my head hung in shame.


  1. Happy holidays lame Secret Santa!

    (I'm not sure this counts as a nice comment, but I already have my xmas present, so...)

  2. I know exactly what you mean. That's all I'll say.

  3. Turned out pretty nice! And yeah, cheating on life with your blogging. I get it.

  4. Yes, I completely understand the "affair" thing. Good choice with the picture, although it makes me realllly cold looking at it.

  5. I often times feel that same "cheating" thing - like I'm doing something I shouldn't be...

  6. Funny, I JUST got read the riot act by my wife that I spend too much time on the computer. Very cool present!!

    You know, to get away from the blog... or make the blog SEEM less... wasteful???

  8. Merry Christmas! Yes, I know what you being about sneaking in to blog or read blogs.

    Very cool on the poster. Congrats.

  9. duh...I know what you mean...I can't type and think at the same time.

  10. I'm so glad you like the poster. I gotta say, when I saw the image you chose, I was like, "hmmmmmh". Now I totally get it. Very cool that it has some sentimental value.

  11. I know, its so tempting at times with live vs. blog, haha. Hows that mix? any good? Hope you had a great christmas!

  12. Haha, I'm with you on that "having an affair feeling". I love that photo as well, really good.