Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm a winner! Well, we shall see.....

Good News!  I filled out this form yesterday and I got ALL the answers Right!
So all my American friends make sure you fill out your forms or head to the polls this Tuesday but only if you have the Right answers like me.  (If not don't worry about it, just head back to bed, off to work, go for a run, turn on Jersey Shore, get a massage-you deserve it, no big deal--wink wink) Not sure if you have the Right answers?  Feel free to email me and I'll let you know all the Right answers.  Always happy to help!  

10 points for anyone who finds the subliminal message.  

PC (politically correct) disclosure statement:  I promise I will not talk about politics on this blog ever, ever again because it is taboo much like, religion, abortion, sexual orientation etc. (unless I feel like it) Promise !  :)  
God bless the USA!
(Eat my shorts Canada!
 j/k--love you guys, really do! Still friends?!)  

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inspiration--Better Late than Never

I follow several blogs but usually find a couple every now and then that I begin following.  Well thanks to "Q"'s post on his blog about Patrick's list of inspirational quotes I checked out Patrick's blog and liked a lot of the quotes that everyone had put on there.  Don't you love the WWW? Patrick you can thank Q later.  

However I think my quote is still the best (neiner neiner).  

Different things speak to different people at different times in their lives.  

This little piece of inspiration still speaks to me so since I hate being left out of the party I thought I'd share.

Here is the quote in it's entirety.  I've bolded the good part and bolded and underlined the best part.  

"Training for and running a marathon is not a single event; rather, it is an experience.  It is a discovery of self that will forever change your perceptions, perspectives, priorities, and possibilities. 

 You will meet yourself at what you thought were the boundaries of your potential and endurance and watch in awe as they evaporate to reveal only open expanse. 

To know that the only boundaries in life are those which we create ourselves is a discovery which can not be taught--it must be experienced. For once you have seen the view from the mountain top, living a life of voluntary blindness is no longer an option."

--David A. Whitsett (The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer)

You all inspire me and I enjoy reading your own blogs all about your trials and triumphs.  YTB Thanks for reading.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Xtraining/Brick workout

Friday night after my 7 mile morning run I still had a little juice in  me so decided to try my first brick workout.  I recruited some additional bikers to come along.
Dayton is more of an extreme biker rather than a road racer but consented to join us.
Reece man has only been sporting the two wheeled bike for a few weeks/month now but was all in.
Sadie opted for the red mini to match her bike
Dad has the backpack for all biking essentials, you know-diapers, wipes etc.
After mom came on the scene Sadie decided to be her wing man and buckled up in the carrier, leaving her bike at home.
After three miles we stopped at the first aid station.
"Hey! This swing is broken!"
"Oh there we go!"
Dayton went for an arm workout with the monkey bar crossing.
Reece jumped on that bandwagon

Sadie is not one to be left out of anything and got a couple rings done before dad made it over to assist (crazy girl)
Landon, 10 Year old.  Continued to ride pretending not to know any of us.
Eventually Landon and Dad discussing a possible throwdown competition.
Monkey bars are for 8, 4 and 2 year olds.  How about a pull up contest.
Landon =3 pull ups
Dad = 25 pull ups
(It's good to beat your kids mercilessly every now and then to help keep them in check)
Landon moved on to the weaker parental guardian in a swinging contest but mom is one heck of a swinger! Wait!?  That sounded wrong.
We continued on with the ride and only had to stop at the port a pot random wall a couple times.
Don't worry, at least it was right by a very busy intersection private.  
Even though it wasn't an official race there was a refueling station at the turn around point complete with bike parking.

The carb loading helped us make the trip back!
(notice the 10 year old at the end of the table still pretending not to know us--poor kid)
This is a picture of the moon (and a street light) so you can see how dark it was when we returned home.
Overall I think I like "brick" workouts and might have to add them to the schedule but only if I get to go with the same training team because they are the best!

*It was about a 6 mile bike ride and Reece mentioned his legs were getting tired and dad said we are almost home.  His reply "I don't care if my legs are tired, I could do this for 20 hours!"  He is the man, and loved the ride. Love that kid.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Give me money!

Beth over at ShutupandRun is having another giveaway.  The girl is a giver I tell you!  Here is the deal.  Check it out.  My fitness goal right now has to do with a time goal for a race I signed up for.  I can't tell you what race it is because I like keeping secrets.  The husband doesn't even know.  I'll give you a hint though, it's longer than a 10k but  doesn't involve horses and it's in January, can you guess what race it is?  You never will.  If I win this $100 from Subway I'll use the $$ to help pay Coach Dean for a training plan.  It I don't win, I'm on my own with the training plan.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to win this one!

P.S.  Get better Beth!

Thank you Subway!  I love your turkey and avocado sandwiches.....good stuff!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dear Neil, Still Friends? Or Total LOSER prize!?

Dear NEIL,
Happy Birthday Man!  I hope it's the greatest. Now I must confess to you.

For some reason. ( I believe it's EMZ and Adams fault actually)  When you kicked off your Virtual Race I decided to sign up for the 100K.  I didn't even know how far that actually was in miles (I had to google it) but I felt pressured because EMZ commented that she was going to run 100 miles then Adam commented that he was going to run 100K and so I totally succumbed to PEER PRESSURE and said I was going to run a 100K too.  Next thing you know I'll be jumping off the nearest cliff. I mean I've gone through over 100 hours of child labor I can certainly run that many k's can't I?  Anyway.  You were born too soon in October.  If you would have waited closer to Halloween time to come enter the world then I maybe could have gotten it all done but alas October 10th is tomorrow and the husband and I are heading out for a run to the movies.  It happens to the best of us.  If it makes you feel any better we (meaning my 10 year old and his team) just won the last football game of the season today AND they totally kicked everyone's butt (State champs!) so we get to head off to California to show them who is boss down there and then hopefully on to Florida to do likewise!  I guess the 8+ hours we (the family) spend every Saturday and 6+ hours they spend every week in practice has paid off! (Well, not so much for my 8 year olds team, there season is over, or my running career but anyway)
Landon plays receiver and corner back!  Not one of his prettiest catches but he caught it!
 So what I'm trying to say is even though I didn't get all my k's in all is not lost.  Don't cry for me Argentina!

Here is the breakdown of my efforts:
48 Miles of running
20 Miles of biking (was that an option?)
7 stomach wrenching pain inducing core workouts that made me fall off bench in the gym (oh wait that was just one of them)
12+ loads of laundry this last week and I cooked dinner 4 nights in a row (like real dinners, not just mac and cheese)  I'm pretty sure this was in the race rules.

Well, I'm off to watch a movie about the social network instead of participating in one for a bit. We shall see how it compares!

Signing off,
Happy Running,
Adrienne the
NRR and apparently the NonVirtualRaceRunner as well!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have you ever.....

been at the gym and after your run you go to do some core work and you go to lay down on the decline bench only to realize on your way down that you did WAY, WAY, WAY, too much core work the day before and your stomach is screaming at you and you are pretty sure that there is no way you are going to be able to do the 50 curl ups you were planning on but you don't want to look like a total moron because you took all that time adjusting the decline bench, laying your towel down and finding the right tunes on your ipod so if you got up without even doing one curl up people would point and laugh and mock you so you somehow manage to crank out about 10 of them then roll off to the side of the bench almost landing on your hands and knees but pretend like you meant to do that, quickly wipe down the bench and move on?


Ya, me neither. Just checking.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holy Hail, Ipods, and dog collars!

Beth over at Shut up and Run is having an Ipod giveaway so I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring, pretty sure I'll win so don't bother entering.

Phoenix experienced a huge rain/hail storm today.  Check out the size of these sucker.  They were crashing into my windows and I was pretty sure I was going to have a broken one.

Kids were prepared.
Football helmet + laundry basket on head for protection
And my freaking dog Jasper bit through his 4th collar, or is it his 5th.  He is going to be the death of me....
Who me?  Ya you, you little crapper.