Monday, October 25, 2010

Xtraining/Brick workout

Share Friday night after my 7 mile morning run I still had a little juice in  me so decided to try my first brick workout.  I recruited some additional bikers to come along.
Dayton is more of an extreme biker rather than a road racer but consented to join us.
Reece man has only been sporting the two wheeled bike for a few weeks/month now but was all in.
Sadie opted for the red mini to match her bike
Dad has the backpack for all biking essentials, you know-diapers, wipes etc.
After mom came on the scene Sadie decided to be her wing man and buckled up in the carrier, leaving her bike at home.
After three miles we stopped at the first aid station.
"Hey! This swing is broken!"
"Oh there we go!"
Dayton went for an arm workout with the monkey bar crossing.
Reece jumped on that bandwagon

Sadie is not one to be left out of anything and got a couple rings done before dad made it over to assist (crazy girl)
Landon, 10 Year old.  Continued to ride pretending not to know any of us.
Eventually Landon and Dad discussing a possible throwdown competition.
Monkey bars are for 8, 4 and 2 year olds.  How about a pull up contest.
Landon =3 pull ups
Dad = 25 pull ups
(It's good to beat your kids mercilessly every now and then to help keep them in check)
Landon moved on to the weaker parental guardian in a swinging contest but mom is one heck of a swinger! Wait!?  That sounded wrong.
We continued on with the ride and only had to stop at the port a pot random wall a couple times.
Don't worry, at least it was right by a very busy intersection private.  
Even though it wasn't an official race there was a refueling station at the turn around point complete with bike parking.

The carb loading helped us make the trip back!
(notice the 10 year old at the end of the table still pretending not to know us--poor kid)
This is a picture of the moon (and a street light) so you can see how dark it was when we returned home.
Overall I think I like "brick" workouts and might have to add them to the schedule but only if I get to go with the same training team because they are the best!

*It was about a 6 mile bike ride and Reece mentioned his legs were getting tired and dad said we are almost home.  His reply "I don't care if my legs are tired, I could do this for 20 hours!"  He is the man, and loved the ride. Love that kid.


  1. I

    I am all for your take on the "brick". That is one brick EVEN I think I might be able to do [but it MUST include the pizza stop]. Oh and next time . . . can we please get a photo of you on the monkey bars? Just in case you take requests.

  2. Great set of photos - that's one happy family.

    I have Pizza Envy!

    P.S. It was "Aaron and Hur" with Moses.

  3. What a great way to set kids on the path to good habits.
    Love the pictures.

  4. Absolutely super! You gave me a few ideas for next weekend. Lovely photos!

  5. ...The best 'Brick' workout I've ever seen! You rocked it. And my long-lost brother looks like he's doing great (a bit weak with only 25 pull ups...but he'll get there).

  6. This is amazing!! Thanks for the reminder and for charing. btw- that pizza looked amazing!!

  7. That is too cure for words. Really neat post.

  8. I KNEW I was forgetting something when I went out for a bike ride. Wipes!! :)