Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dear Neil, Still Friends? Or Total LOSER prize!?


Dear NEIL,
Happy Birthday Man!  I hope it's the greatest. Now I must confess to you.

For some reason. ( I believe it's EMZ and Adams fault actually)  When you kicked off your Virtual Race I decided to sign up for the 100K.  I didn't even know how far that actually was in miles (I had to google it) but I felt pressured because EMZ commented that she was going to run 100 miles then Adam commented that he was going to run 100K and so I totally succumbed to PEER PRESSURE and said I was going to run a 100K too.  Next thing you know I'll be jumping off the nearest cliff. I mean I've gone through over 100 hours of child labor I can certainly run that many k's can't I?  Anyway.  You were born too soon in October.  If you would have waited closer to Halloween time to come enter the world then I maybe could have gotten it all done but alas October 10th is tomorrow and the husband and I are heading out for a run to the movies.  It happens to the best of us.  If it makes you feel any better we (meaning my 10 year old and his team) just won the last football game of the season today AND they totally kicked everyone's butt (State champs!) so we get to head off to California to show them who is boss down there and then hopefully on to Florida to do likewise!  I guess the 8+ hours we (the family) spend every Saturday and 6+ hours they spend every week in practice has paid off! (Well, not so much for my 8 year olds team, there season is over, or my running career but anyway)
Landon plays receiver and corner back!  Not one of his prettiest catches but he caught it!
 So what I'm trying to say is even though I didn't get all my k's in all is not lost.  Don't cry for me Argentina!

Here is the breakdown of my efforts:
48 Miles of running
20 Miles of biking (was that an option?)
7 stomach wrenching pain inducing core workouts that made me fall off bench in the gym (oh wait that was just one of them)
12+ loads of laundry this last week and I cooked dinner 4 nights in a row (like real dinners, not just mac and cheese)  I'm pretty sure this was in the race rules.

Well, I'm off to watch a movie about the social network instead of participating in one for a bit. We shall see how it compares!

Signing off,
Happy Running,
Adrienne the
NRR and apparently the NonVirtualRaceRunner as well!


  1. Sounds good to me. You are in. I'll do the math so it works with factors of 10. Great job!

  2. Ha, I totally think that 4 dinners in a row count towards the race! You get at least 5 miles each for those!

  3. A for effort. I took the complete opposite approach. I signed up for 1K and I am proud to report that I completed this gruelling race.

  4. Yay for Landon! It's the piano fingers that let him catch those footballs. =). Now if you want to run a REAL 100k, I have just the race for you, mark your calendar for september 2nd 2011...

  5. NICE!! I think the laundry probably counts double if not triple towards the goal.

  6. 500 million miles for watching the movie, totally counts.

  7. Where's the laundry basket on your son's head?