Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inspiration--Better Late than Never

Share I follow several blogs but usually find a couple every now and then that I begin following.  Well thanks to "Q"'s post on his blog about Patrick's list of inspirational quotes I checked out Patrick's blog and liked a lot of the quotes that everyone had put on there.  Don't you love the WWW? Patrick you can thank Q later.  

However I think my quote is still the best (neiner neiner).  

Different things speak to different people at different times in their lives.  

This little piece of inspiration still speaks to me so since I hate being left out of the party I thought I'd share.

Here is the quote in it's entirety.  I've bolded the good part and bolded and underlined the best part.  

"Training for and running a marathon is not a single event; rather, it is an experience.  It is a discovery of self that will forever change your perceptions, perspectives, priorities, and possibilities. 

 You will meet yourself at what you thought were the boundaries of your potential and endurance and watch in awe as they evaporate to reveal only open expanse. 

To know that the only boundaries in life are those which we create ourselves is a discovery which can not be taught--it must be experienced. For once you have seen the view from the mountain top, living a life of voluntary blindness is no longer an option."

--David A. Whitsett (The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer)

You all inspire me and I enjoy reading your own blogs all about your trials and triumphs.  YTB Thanks for reading.



  1. Actually my post is better. It's only one sentence. Yours has a lot of philosophical mumbo jumbo.

  2. Very cool quote. Gave me chills. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great quote, interesting it comes from a book for "non-runners."

  4. From one non-racer to another - this was a very good quote. A good reason to train for something big.

  5. I love this Adrienne.


  6. Well Done Adrienne. I'll send you MY T-Shirt when it comes. I love this quote! And thank you, thank you, thank you for your bolding and underlining.

  7. I always feel better after stopping by. Thanks!

  8. ... and your font damaged my reading glasses

  9. OMG, I was laughing out loud at Andrew's comments. I say......Adrienne wins. Sorry Canada. BTW, mine came in 2nd on Patrick's page. Andrew's, 28th.

  10. Interesting post with a beautiful quote, thanks for sharing.

  11. Chris...Yeah...Andrew is one funny muther - SHUT YOUR MOUTH - I'm jus' talkin' about Andrew.