Thursday, July 29, 2010

Goal pace miles on the treadmill


I just got back from running camp and I'm determined to put what I learned into action. It is humbling to say the least to go from running what I thought was a pretty decent 20-30 miles a week to being told I should run 15-20 miles a week. You see I have always looked at the number of miles and not the quality of the miles. At camp I learned it is more important what you do with the miles your running than the actual number you run. This will help me improve my speed and as I become better conditioned I can add more miles to my weeks.

Many days that I would love to spend outside running among the common people I instead spend indoors running on my treadmill. Usually when the 2yo is napping and the other littles are being watched by the uh, babysitter? You might know them, Dora, Avatar, Spongebob? Today was no exception.

It's not ideal to run on a treadmill when your trying to be a road runner but whose life is ideal and where do I sign up? Seriously? My workout was to run intervals at goal pace. I got on the treadmill, set it at a 1 incline (to simulate the resistance of running outside) and began my warmup. After running a mile for warm up I set my pace for what I want my 5k pace to be. What is that pace you ask? Well that's for me to know and you not to worry about.

Runners love to ask other runners what their time is or what their pace is but being the Non Race Runner this is something I dread being asked. Because let's face it--no matter what pace I give people there is always going to be somebody faster than me and they are likely going to make a judgement on that pace and make a determination if I'm am "worthy" to be a runner or not, so for now I'm keeping it to myself. I'll give you a hint though: I run somewhere between a 6 minute and 10 minute mile-there are you happy now?!

I learned it is important for me to stick to my goal pace and not to run faster and not to run slower than the pace because I'm teaching my muscles how to run at this pace. It's called neuromuscular training--those scientific studies can be so helpful-who knew? Turns out I can hold my goal pace for 1/2 a mile. Not too good but not too bad, especially since last week (before camp) I had no idea what that pace should even be. So after 1/2 a mile I would take a 1 minute break, then repeat. I did this for 2 miles and then ran another mile to warm down. (By the way, during my 1 minute breaks I was able to make three beds, process 2 loads of laundry and bark orders at the 10YO to get a snack for the 4YO)

So my 1st post camp workout gives me a 4 mile total. Hmmm..... Doesn't seem like a lot but I ran a lot faster than I have been running so that is progress! Soon, I know I'll be able to go further at a faster pace with less break time in between. So instead of running lots of miles "slowly" I'm running a few miles "fast". At least this is the plan. Stay tuned to find out what happens.

I posted a picture of my run for your viewing pleasure. I think the treadmill goes nicely with the silk taffeta inverted pleated drapes don't you? I'm sure Better Homes and Garden will be knocking on my door asking for more design tips :)

Happy Running!
The Non Race Runner

**If you want to read about my running camp experience click HERE. I started this running blog after camp--onward and upward!

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