Monday, November 1, 2010

Food, Glorious Food!

Share Okay okay, I know it is Monday almost Tuesday and you are all expecting the Halloween post but seriously I CANNOT KEEP UP WITH YOU PEOPLE!!  How do you all blog so fast! So while everyone is moving on to November Fall pre Thanksgiving posts you should expect my Halloween post sometime later in the week, "Day late, dollar short" that's how I roll.  Plus as THE Q commented on one of my previous posts that I have these
Yes I am a cheeseball in 95% of photos taken of me :)
which slows the typing down a tad but it's just one of the prices you have to pay to be a REAL HOUSEWIFE OF MARICOPA COUNTY

And if you like those check out these:

I know it's hard to see in this picture but for Halloween, I asked for a white scary spider with red eyes in a web and ended up with a white snowman with red eyes.  It's hard to find good help these days, she was a cute girl and I'm not one to make a fuss so...whatevs.  

On to today's blogging:

"Food fun" ---Tagged by the horse whisperer EMZ, woot, woot, have you seen her buckle?

1. If you could eat anything without any health repercussions or guilt, what would your meal be?

So are you saying I shouldn't eat the fried butter?  I actually eat pretty much what I want.  I'm more of a "moderation in all things" type of girl. If you want some cheesecake eat some, just not the whole cake, at the same time, seven days in a row. At least not again.

2. If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be and why?

Dead: I can't tell you my REAL answer because that would reveal too much so I'll say Jesus for obvious reasons, you know we could walk on water together, raise the dead, heal the sick, water to wine--good times.

Alive: Cain because that would be trippy, (but I would want Jesus there with me).

3. Why did you start blogging and what did you expect when you started?

Yes, meet my sister Tami, she is cuter and skinnier and faster than me (damn her) but would probably kill over if she had to run a mile at this point in her life.  She gets my kids if I die so she prays for my health :) Love U!
My little sister came to visit me one day and next thing I knew I was signed up on Facebook and had a Family blog so I suppose it was to keep in touch with family better.  (I don't live by any family and haven't since high school)  The running blog came when I decided I had to "edit" (so as not to offend--who me?) a lot more than I wanted to on the Family blog and had to represent so many people (all six of us). Running blog is just for me.  Nobody that I actually associate on a day to day basis knows about my running blog (at least I haven't told them about it) or my family blog.  Mainly people far away, other states/countries know about my blogs.  It works I guess.  

4. What is the one book you could read over and over again?

I don't really read books over and over other than children's books to my kids. (Okay I've read the Twilight series three times but that was just a phase).  I like to read non fiction books about other cultures.  I HATE self help books or books about things I'm already doing (raising kids, stay at home mom etc.) because I'm already doing that so why would I want to read about it.  I'd rather learn about something I don't know. 

5. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

I use to work for Delta airlines while I was in college and could fly anywhere for free but I seem to be a creature of habit/traditions.  I tend to want to do the same trips over and over.  Disney, Hawaii, San Diego, Utah etc.  Not much of a World traveler but I should work on that.  Maybe Switzerland to ski, that sounds fun or maybe even Canada?  Thanks to Neil Z and his amazing photos it has peaked my interest in that country.  Plus some of my favorite bloggers are from there like  Andrew who graduated with "distinction", trophy husband Q, photographer and Barefooter Neil Z and Chris who runs ultras like they are 5k's.  Plus I really like the way Canadians say the word "no"  I could listen to that ALL day.

6. If you could have a TV show on the Food Network, what would it be?

What can I make for you tonight Mrs. Jensen?
It would be called "Who is making me Dinner Tonight!"  Then different chefs, Bobby Flay, The Neeley's, Rachael Ray etc. would all take turns making me dinner every night and it would be a surprise to me who it was!  Sounds good to me.

7. What was the best meal you ever had?

At home: Anything that anyone else cooks is a good meal.

Restaurant:  Favorite restaurant is at The Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City Utah, it's called Glitretind.  Seriously, best food, service, views... it's AWESOME!

8. Who has been the greatest influence on your love for food and learning to cook?

I suppose my mom taught me how to cook.  It seems I've always known how.  I'd say I'm sort of a lazy cook though.  If the recipe takes longer than 30 minutes it's not going to be made very often.  I guess there is a time and season for everything in life.  I'm in the season of quick and easy meals.  

Hmmmmmm, who to tag...

Jamoosh--I'm curious what he eats with all that beer.
Chris K--What does a BQ or die person eat??
The MisAdventures of a jogging stroller mom--this mamma makes me look like a wimp, she rocks.

P.S.  Today was "official Day 1" of training for my January Race, 11 weeks 6 days to go!

Happy Running peeps,


  1. Yikes, I just finished another Masterpiece post and now I have to do another one? Oh alright :-) I'm all over it, I'm a foodie.

  2. Wow...very nice post...this is very interesting...

    --kizzy marmot

  3. You’ve got cute feet.
    Also, I’m loving your “food fun” post.
    #5…You should totally come to Canada. The sun is made of syrup up here. Sure it gets kinda cold here from time to time…but that’s why Canadians have been known to be the best cuddlers.
    #7… “Anything that anyone else cooks is a good meal”...I love that line. Nice. Says a lot about you Super Mom.

    And congrats on training day #1. I need a quick update though…what race is the “Non-Race Runner” racing in 11 weeks and 6 days?

  4. It seems that I don't have one answer for any of those questions. There does not seem to be 'best' and 'most' but a combination of many.

  5. "cute feet" & a Canada invite - q she is married - can't go there.

    Hey is that a Michael Kors watch? Had to ask.

    YAY for the Jesus, shout out!

  6. WHAT?!?!?! MARRIED!?!?
    “You’ve got cute feet – move to Canada” was my BEST line.
    I just wasted “You’ve got cute – move to Canada” on a married woman?
    What a disaster! I don’t think you understand…I can’t get that line back now.
    Where am I gonna’ find another woman with cute feet who can cook a mean bean burrito like she could?

  7. Cyber stealing my photos? At least I have the best tan I will EVER have (sadly). :)....I think I need to go PRAY now, just in case. LOVES.

  8. and BTW - I played indoor soccer the other day...almost killed over, but alas, I survived. You could definitely run circles around me..seriously, where are you hiding my sister?

  9. @Q--Wasted?? Oh no. I am Happily married but I'm not dead. I'll take any compliments anyone wants to throw my way. From anyone,--old geezers, young bucks, half blind people....I'll take it. It's better than what most people usually call me which is "Ma'am" Ma'am is my mother.

    Yes Tami I stole your picture, what are you going to do about it :) Jealous of the soccer playing. Wish. I. Could. Do. That. Funny that your games are at Midnight.

  10. I must have missed the post...Jan race? Are you running the full PF?

  11. can have it...but can I be put in the "toung bucks" category?

  12. love the nails all did up like that! thanks for lurking on my blog...welcome! Glad you like the music. Definitely great stuff to run with. I'm a follower now : )

  13. Nice snowmen. At least they are multi-holiday friendly.

    And I am with you on always feeling a little behind in the running blog world. I guess that is the life of a "Real Housewife" =)

  14. Love these lists!!

    Park City is such a pretty town, I'd LOVE to go there sometime.

    The mild form of anonymity on blogs is fun - but as my blog has taken more and more of my time, my family,friends,coworks all found out about mine!! So much for being REALLY bad on it! :)