Sunday, November 28, 2010


Share Weather is a funny thing.  Funny that people like to talk about it a lot.  I've noticed that people in Arizona like to talk about the weather even more than the Average Joe.   Usually we talk about how hot it is.  I had a change in weather this last week as I was in Utah for Thanksgiving Day Week.  It was cold.....brrrrrr.
Snow you ask? Some.
Cold?--- plenty cold!
Mount Timpanogos.  I grew up at the base of this mountain range.  Right outside my parents front door.
 I thought I would share some of my cold weather clothing attire with you in case you wonder how to stay warm while running.

 Smart Wool Running socks that keep your toes cozy warm
Basic running gloves with reflective designs in case you run into that winter darkness
 Pearl Izumi Beanie
 Marmot skiing shirt that covers your hands and has a thumb hole, great for skiing and running.
 Lightweight Pearl Izumi reflective running jacket
 Reflective Running Tights
 It was so cold I even put this coat on top of the other jacket and shirt.
Here is everything I wore to stay warm while running in Utah
So I put on all my winter running stuff.

Went outside.

Got in my car and drove my A** to the gym where I ran my morning run on the treadmill.
 I barely survived.

The 24 Hour Fitness I went to did NOT have a escalator?!  Hello people--Are we missing the point here?
Props to all you cold weather dwellers who deal with this all winter.
You must be way tougher than me to run in this cold weather everyday.

I did see one braindead die hard chick outside running in shorts, a shirt and gloves.  She is definitely dumber tougher than me.  It was 10 F degrees out.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Happy Running,


  1. Haha this made me laugh out loud. Must have been a tough drive :p I do the same thing though. Once the temps drop, I'm indoors on a treadmill!

  2. You can get a good workout on an escalator, it just takes a little more time.

  3. Glad you made it work. All about adaptation!!

  4. Funny! I put my bike trainer in the garage because it's cold out. Ten minutes in, and I was too hot. Then I stopped, and my wet shirt got cold. Dammit!

  5. oh I am a wuss in the cold. I would waer layers and layers too!

  6. I don't know that kind of cold (or snow) at all. I'm lucky I can run outside throughout the year. Have a great week!

  7. What I would've paid to see you bundled up in ALL of that gear!

  8. I can't believe you HAVE all that gear [living in AZ]. I bought my first scarf last Saturday, no joke.

    YAY LA FITNESS. Or you can say it like Peanut la fit ten ess. [in her best French voice]. She does it in Spanish too. LA FIT NESS. She's very PC.

  9. ok-yep, I'm a retard.

    You were at 24 hour Fitness, not LA fitness [which 100% completely, totally EXPLAINS the escalator]. never mind all my above crap mentioned. ;)_

  10. As I scrolled to the picture of the coat I thought, really? Did you want heat stroke? LOVE that you went to the gym :)
    Side note - I know a girl who does wear her winter coat while running and I think she's nuts. It's just too cold outside or you are not running hard enough. Yes, I judge. Sue me ;)

  11. You got me! You funny girl you.

  12. Good gear choices ... I have the same but not in the girly versions ... just many. I'm riding a horse.

    But the tights for me are baggy grey track pants. Then I have a pair of slick adidas track pants I can wear underneath.

    You didn't mention the shoes ... misszippy suggested I get myself some Yaktrax which I will do.

  13. Girl, you have some rockin' running gear for the winter. If I could wear that cute stuff, I'd move to the snow...maybe? No. I guess not but I do love that green reflective jacket and the puffy one too.
    I won't be able to wear shorts again until June, I'm such a wimp...
    Cute post!

  14. No escalator at my 24-hour either, wth!!?? I SO SO SO need that down coat, that is too adorable! And that Marmot lime green shirt is just too adorable. You have the absolute BEST stuff!!

  15. Cute tights.
    The escalator allows older people that can't handle stairs to still work out. They could also just have the doors open on the ground floor too.

  16. LOVED the escalators! Living in Texas, I don't need as much cold weather gear, but the gloves might be a good addition. Great blog!