Tuesday, September 21, 2010

10 Random things.....

Share I was tagged by Andrew to list 10 Random things about me so this post is for you buddy in honor of your first race coming up!  Good luck!

I thought I would list in chronological order:

#1 When I was in my mothers womb she was expecting to have me on July 1st and I arrived August 12th.

#2 In 5th grade I was voted by my peers for the "Miss Clear Creek" award because I snuck candy into camp and all the kids thought I was such a rebel.  It was awesome, the leaders were not impressed.

#3 In high school I played soccer, basketball and softball.  Basketball is my true love and I held the state record for most 3 pointers made in a game.  :)

#4  I went to a private Christian college whose rules were more strict than my parents which isn't easy to do. I loved it.

#5 While on a beach in Mexico the guitar player from Pink Floyd was trying to get me to go back to his beach house so he could "play his guitar" for me.  After a two hour conversation he realized it wasn't going to happen.
Conversation included lines like:
Him: "People shouldn't have so many kids because they use up the worlds resources"
Me: "Do you have any kids? (He is old and I am young remember)"
Him:  " I've been told I do."
Me:  "YOU'VE BEEN TOLD YOU DO?!, Wow, that is really impressive.  You lecture on the irresponsibility of having kids yet you don't even know or take care of your own.  Nice!"
Him:  "So you don't want to go listen to me 'play the guitar'?"
Me: "(trying not to vomit in my mouth) Dude? Really?"

#6 I don't drink coffee or alcohol but drink enough diet coke and eat enough chocolate to cancel out the good of abstaining from the first two.

#7 In my previous life (before children)  I got my BS in Health Administration and worked in the finance department of a large hospital.  I loved my cubicle, spread sheets and adding machine.

#8 I met my husband at a fraternity party.  I was the girl blending in with the wall asking "Why am I here?" Twelve years later he is still my best friend and we have 4 amazing kids. My Family is my life.  I gave up a career and chose to be a Stay at Home mom.  Once my littlest is in school I will likely go to work somewhere.  Trying to figure that out.

#9 I'm a Mormon

#10  Since this is a running blog I'll leave you with one random running thing about me.  The first race I ever ran was a Marathon.  I'm now training for a 5K  :)

Now to tag 3 people, I think I'll go with some of my Arizona peeps:
Running Through Phoenix
The Boring Runner

Happy Running,


  1. YAY me!! I love a good game of tag.

    Loving #6.

  2. Five has a lot of meaning for me from the point of view of your husband - my wife has had many propositions and I am so grateful for her love for us.

    Besides ... some guitar players use up so much of the world's resources.

    Thanks for the race wishes Rocky!

  3. Thats so funny-i was born a monthe late too!

  4. Andrew, I should tell you the "proposition" happened when I was single otherwise he would have never gotten 2 hours of my time. He was a douche to say the least. "We don't need no education......ya and you have none."

  5. Hahaha…what a sleeze-ball…with a guitar. You’d think these rock stars would have better pick-up lines. Ones we could aspire to.

    And your family is beautiful. I follow “Day in the life of….” And I love it.

    Oh and thanks for tagging EMZ…maybe she’ll stop whining that she didn’t get tagged over at qonthemove.


    The Predicament

  6. Too funny, I'm the same as you....my first ever race was a marathon. If you're going to go, go all out!

    Thanks for the tag!!! I LOVE these lists.

  7. I've run 1286 races including 122 marathons and 112 ultra marathons, but I haven't run a 5km yet.

  8. Johann don't need no education - The Teacher's in the house!

  9. That's an awesome list. I was surprised you went to Christian school and love it. Sunday school was as close as I got and it was boring high school forward.

  10. Something funky is up with our blog connection. I just found this by accident. Usually, I get an email when someone posts to my blog, but not for you. Who knows, but I will post ten random things asap. I'm not Mormon, but I work with a devout Mormon and have a lot of respect for Mormons- especially those who run a marathon for their first race! Take care.

  11. interesting that you started with a marathon!