Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"I iS sMaRt"

Share This morning after cooking a delicious nutritious breakfast oatmeal for my kids my 5th grader was finishing up some math homework and asked me to help him with one of the questions.  Something about factors and to the 5th power but all I heard was blah blah blah.
 I replied with a "I don't know" from across the room.
To which he then responded with a very innocent and non sarcastic,
 "How did you ever graduate from college when you don't even know 5th grade math?"
 I pulled up short and went over and smacked him in the head and looked at him and thought:

"I iS sMarT"!

Nothing like having kids to help you feel like a total Moron!
So to answer the question "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader" that would be a NO.


  1. I concur!

    Only apparently-I'm not as smart as my 5th grader either. I feel a paid tutor coming on [in my casa].

  2. Adrienne, kids get smarter and smarter, and then one day they live for 15 years in your basement working on a PhD and find MacDonald's counter service too hard for their advanced intelligence. It's all relative. P.S. You don't need the 5th power anywhere - that's just mathematician job security talking.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. My cousin's little guy said that to me once. I told him that I got by on my looks...but that he should really study...and study hard.

  4. @ Q "Study Hard!! " I love it. Keeping that one in the pocket for next time (cause I know there will be a next time).

    @Andrew--I don't have a basement so I'll send my kids over to yours when the time comes :)

    @ EMZ--Ya, I'm getting a tutor for him, RIGHT AFTER I GET A EVA!! (still mad)

  5. Yeah-I have this problem all the time.

  6. Ha! So, I'm sure that you just had a brain lapse...but I totally remember the time that I started doing math that my parents had NO clue about. It was great!

  7. Too funny! I don't remember any of that power of stuff and have never had to use it in real life either.

  8. Yay eva!!
    Heaven isn't it?!
    No cross contamination?! ;)