Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Today I had a 7 miler planned and around mile 7 I said to myself:
 "you know I'm feeling okay I think I'll go to eight"
Then when I hit 8 miles I thought:
 "You know, I'm almost to 10 and I haven't been in double digits for a while I think I'll go to 10"
Around mile 9 I was thinking:
"Oohh, my legs are tired maybe I should have stopped when I had planned"
But then I remembered a little trick my friend Amber taught me.
 She told me once that:

 "If your feeling tired speed up for a few minutes then you can slow back down to your regular pace and it will feel slow"

So I followed her advice and sped up for a few minutes then back down again and badabing badaboom I just ran 10 Miles!!
 I was so excited and happy about it I jumped off the treadmill and went and did a running back handspring double back flip and landed in the splits!!  (okay maybe not)
This is what I looked like in my head!  (Real picture is Nastia Luikin-olympic gymnast)
The BEST part of the run is I HELD my 10:30 pace that was my goal!  I love runs like these!

"I am Adrienne!  I am strong!"
Happy Running,


  1. LOL - that's wonderful and inspiring for us slow guys! But I don't do gymnastics ... maybe a Nestea plunge though.

  2. You gotta love it when you are able to squeeze out a few extra miles and (even if only in your head) be able to do any sort of flips!!! :D

  3. Nice one! I can't remember when I last had a run like that.

  4. Sometimes you don't give yourself enough credit. 10 miles at 10:30 pace is AWESOME! I love how you talk yourself into one more mile, and then another. If there's any chatter going on in my head it's usually, "You can go one more minute, make that 30 seconds." You added 30 minutes! Way to go!

  5. Great work -- going that extra distance and learning to run through the pain is so important. Great strategy!

  6. Wow, that is really good advice about the speeding up and then slowing down. I am TOTALLY going to try that some time.

    And nice work on the extra 3 miles!

  7. Adrienne - this post almst made me cry. {emotional? me? never]. You ARE Adrienne you ARE strong! [fabulous, beautiful, funny & amazing too]