Monday, August 9, 2010

Help Needed

I thought my 5 mile run this morning was pretty good until Trav showed me pics from his Moab trip he took a few weeks ago.

So here they are at the top of the Arch
Repelling Down
Now let's do it upside down?!!
Yes, I married a Crazy.
You know at running camp after hearing some of my history Coach Dean told me that I shouldn't run races with my husband because no matter how well I perform it will always seem sort of blah in comparison to him--YA THINK?!  
 I'm my hubby's biggest fan and he is my biggest supporter but sometimes it's hard not to compare isn't it? 
At least he does nice things like bringing me this home after his basketball game this morning....
QT Diek Coke with vanilla paired w/rice chex for breakfast for after my run.
Speaking of running, as I was saying I felt good about my run this morning.  It was a goal pace run. I did a 1 mile warm up, 3.1 miles at goal pace and then 1 mile cool down.  BUT I stopped for a 30 second "break" in the middle of my goal paced miles.  Why?  This is what I do.  I'm a self sabatoger.  Last week I ran 6 miles at goal pace (because I wasn't paying attention) so naturally I must now do something to make sure I don't meet my goal.  Why do I do this?  It's a struggle for me.  I'm trying to work through it.  I have mental issues.  I realize this.  But I need your help!  Do you ever stop on runs?  How do you work through that moment when you want to stop and what "tricks" do you use to get through "that moment" until you can refocus. What do you tell your self or say to yourself.


  1. love it.

    Love diet coke.
    Love cereal.
    Love competing against by hubby. ;)

  2. As I've mentioned, I don't know anything about running, but I know I don't want to stop until I'm done. I always think about the contestants on The Biggest Loser. Yes, they have someone yelling at them, pushing them forward, but they all started out as huge cardio messes. I am a fraction of their size and I feel like if they can get off the couch and do something, I can keep going. Works for me!

  3. On the question - it's lame but I seriously say OUT LOUD .... "I am strong". "It's ok to feel pain".

    Lame but it works for me.

  4. I totally stop and regroup sometimes during runs....hell, sometimes during races. The trick, i've found, is to set a VERY specific time that you are going to stop before you stop. Then, once that time has passed, get back at it!

  5. Wow, that is awesome Travis! I wish I would have had someone with me so I could try some of that upside down action!

    Also, when I feel like stopping sometimes I do, but sometimes I just tell myself that I have felt it before, I am going to feel it again and it will stop soon. The more times I don't stop, the more I feel good about getting through the crap and recognizing what kind of crap it is I am feeling.

    Does that make sense?