Thursday, August 12, 2010

"I am EMZ"

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I usually like to run in the mornings but sometimes that doesn't happen.  Today was one of those days.  In fact all day long was pretty booked.  Five o'clock rolls around and it's time for the boy's football practice.  I decided this would be a perfect time to run.  I'll take them to practice, run while they are practicing.  Good plan.  Well, it was 112 bloody hot degrees.  It was going pretty good but at about mile 3.5 I started feeling really tired and was wanting to do that "stopping" thing I do where I'll stop for like 20 seconds and "catch my breath" but in reality it's just a mental thing I need to work on.

So as I was debating wether to stop or not I remembered my previous post and something EMZ said that she says to help her on runs.

She says:  "I am Strong".

So without thinking I started saying "I am EMZ, she is strong, I am EMZ!"

I don't think that is quite what she meant but HEY it worked!  I didn't stop!

I had an entire conversation with myself during the next mile.

Saying things like: "I'm EMZ, EMZ wouldn't stop so since I'm EMZ I can't stop.  This would be a short run for EMZ and since I'm EMZ this isn't even hard."

My apologies and thanks to EMZ for this post.  If you felt drained around 5:45 pm last night it was because I was summoning your awesome abilities to help me on my run.

I also apologize for the stalkingish feeling this post may have but don't worry, I won't ever show up at your house with ropes and duct tape in my trunk I'll just stick to checking your blog for tips and motivation.

Actually finding the blogging running world has helped me a lot in the last few weeks.  Weird but true.  I find inspiration (and laughs) from a lot of your running blogs and it's been great.

Part 2
I borrowed my husband's Garmin on this run to see if I liked it and wanted one of my own.  This is very new for me because I've never kept track of my time.  The few races I have run in I don't really check the results or wear a watch to keep track so this was sort of an experiment.
Can this watch be any bigger?

Here is what the Garmin said:
Mile 1 = 9:44
Mile2 = 9:55
Mile3 = 10:20
Mile 4 = 10:07
Mile 5 = 10:48
Mile 6 = 10:24
Mile 7 = 10:18
Total overall pace 10:14

Great!  So what the crap does this mean?
What I, the newbie, learned from this is:
A--I run faster on a treadmill than outside in 112 degree weather.
B-- Knowing it was hot I realize my pace should be slower but why is it all over the place?
C--I obviously ran the first couple miles too fast and then ran out of gas a bit.
D--I knew going in I was suppose to try and keep a 10:12 mile pace according to Coach Dean for this long of run but how am I suppose to do that?---look at my watch the entire time?  This could be dangerous with my coordination level or lack of coordination, chance of injury level will increase if I have to do this.
Conclusion:  Liked the Garmin, I can see how this would be useful--DON'T SAY DUH!!

As soon as I get a Garmin I'm going to run into this!
So what do you make of these different mile times? Suggestions?  Would love to hear em.
(It was a mile loop, every mile was the same course-just the times were so different)

Happy Running,


  1. It may be a product of the heat where your body just can't get into a consistent rhythm

  2. Hey! thanks for commenting on my blog. :)

    I'm with Jamoosh, I wonder if the heat was to play there. BUT, you got it done - with a little help from Emz

  3. OMgosh at 5:45 I was dying doing stupid lunges at the gym.

    you freaking rock!

    You so just made my day. Tomorrows run, I will be saying, "I am Adrienne - hear me roar!"

    YTB! You're the best!!!

  4. I just bought a Garmin because Josh and I kept fighting over the one we had. I love it! I love keeping track of my heartrate too, although it sounds like your running plan doesn't worry about that too much. Anyways, as far as the miles, my mile splits are all over the place too, but that's because I freakin' live in Vista Ridge, the hilliest place on earth! So I'll blame it on the hills, you blame it on the heat! =)

  5. The ever elusive "tempo run." You are certainly not the only one who can't keep a steady pace. I think most of us "recreational" runners struggle with this. And I think it's just a practice thing.