Sunday, August 15, 2010

Core Club take 1

Share Today I did a non eventful 3 mile treadmill run then followed it up with the 1st day of the Core Club Workouts courtesy of Jamoosh over at the Last Mile Lounge.
 I have to admit I have been a total slacker at the core workouts ever since I moved to Arizona.  I use to be pretty decent when I lived in Colorado because I had a certain workout instructor--SCOTT--who would kick my butt every Monday and Friday and sometimes Saturday but alas those days are behind me.  I think all of the core workouts went pretty well except I did have to adjust on the Push Up ones...Why do I suck at push ups?  I've been doing them forever and yet I'm still such a wussy.

No I'm not posing!  Why do you ask?

The plank was going okay until the 2YO decided I needed to put in a little more effort.

Pictures courtesy of my 10YO who thinks his mom is a wuss.  Laugh now buddy!  Your day will come :)

Well since yesterday's post I'm probably now known as the poop girl so not to disappoint I thought I'd share the latest in poop news.  Apparently pooping runs in the family and today when the pictured 2YO was suppose to be napping she decided to remove not only her dress but her diaper full of you know what and it was all over!  So it's been somewhat of a crappy weekend.  Is it Monday yet?  Something for Adam over at The Boring Runner to look forward to as the time approaches for his own little pooper scooper to arrive.  Now you can see how I do the 2-3 or was it 4? loads of laundry everyday. Don't worry though Adam, the little stinkers are the best!  Can you argue with this cute little face?
Happy Running!

P.S.  Back to school tomorrow!!! Can I get a Woot Woot!


  1. I had to modify the push ups too...I'm hoping that eventually I won't have to. Your daughter is adorable!!

  2. way to rock the plank!

    Look at you. Love this.

  3. You're RIGHT, she is too cute for words. But, if she came at me with a full dirty diaper - I would promptly go tell her to go see her mother. :)

    nice work on the core!! Posting about that as we speak.

  4. I love the picture with your daughter helping you on your plank!