Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm throwing in the towel!

Share So this morning at the gym (yes I belong to a gym but haven't found a gym I love) I decided that I should become a 5K SPECIALIST!  Because MAYBE, just MAYBE if I run everyday for the next year than MAYBE I will be able to run a BLOODY 5K at the time I've been working on for the last month!!  Okay, so I'm not a patient person.

Here are the stats:

1 Mile warmup
1 mile at goal pace then started sucking wind
1 minute unplanned break
1 more mile at goal pace
1 minute unplanned break
 .75 miles at goal pace
1 minute unplanned break
finish to 3.1
1 mile cool down at slower pace
5 total miles
You would think with all the little breaks I was taking I was running hundreds of miles NOT 3.1!

I realize I haven't been pushing the speed drills much in the past but I really want to be able to do this RIGHT NOW!  Oh well, I'll keep plugging along.

So on to the towel throwing in part.  Actually it was a towel throwing out thing.

I was a little discouraged I'm not a superwoman and can't magically run the speed I would like to with little effort so in order to kick the "I'm just normal" blues I said to myself---the dishes can wait, and the  laundry, and the bathrooms and all that "I have to be responsible" stuff because I'm suppose to be the grown up and I got the littles and we "threw out the towels"! By the pool that is!

Reece even bellied up to the bar for some eats although Sadie preferred to have her belly right on top of the bar, we were having so much fun I wasn't even mad Sadie stole all my gushers.

So the moral of the story is if you feel like you've been given "lemons make lemonade" or in our case Gatorade which consequently we didn't make at all we just grabbed it right out of the fridge.

Even though the run wasn't all I would have liked it to be, it wasn't all horrible either and if I had to rate the day on a scale of 1-10 I would definitely give it a A+

(An A+?  but didn't she say....1-10? ???  I can hear what your thinking, try to keep up!)

Happy Running,


  1. Great job. What was your time without the breaks? I give this blog a 5.9 out of 6.0!

  2. The swimming looks fun!! Sounds like a good run too! :D

  3. Andrew. I paused the treadmill during my 1 minute breaks so they aren't calculated into the total time but other than that I ran the 3.1 at 9:30 pace with a 10:30 warmup mile and a 10 minute warm down mile so add that up and total time was around 49 minutes. Hard to understand? Ya, me too and I'm the one that came up with this brilliant training run :)

  4. Speed training is hard. I think you're doing a great job! You really can do it. When you want to stop, just slow it down a little but keep moving. You can catch your breath at a slower pace. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

  5. Paige, this was a goal pace run not a speed work for me. I'm working on neuromuscular training. (Teaching my legs to run at the speed I want to) so in this type of workout if I can't hold the pace I need to stop for a quick break then resume the exact pace again. If I slowed down I would be teaching my legs to run at the slower pace--not on the plan. Longer slower runs are for endurance although any running can help with that too. Of course if I was in a race I wouldn't stop if I couldn't hold the pace but anyway. Thanks for the encouragement--too bad I'm not a speed demon like you but I'm coming for you!

  6. I love Paige's last line [awesome].

    The kido-s are adorable.

    You've got this.