Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm a Scaredy Cat!


-K- I was on the treadmill once again today and I was really feeling like running so I did a 7 minute warmup at a slower pace with a 1 incline (of course) then I cranked my treadmill up to my goal 5K pace.  Six miles later I finished and got off and was thinking???  Hmmmmm, I just ran 6 miles at what I'm trying to run 3.1 at?

Of course this is on my treadmill, in my home, in my comfort zone, and NOT in a race.  I repeat NOT in a race.  Races are a whole other story for me.  Do I dare try a 5K official race???

Not yet.

I need more practice.

Am I the only one who freezes up on race day and sets a PR heading for their car to get away? Yes?!

Okay, just checking.

Happy Running,


  1. 22 5ks and I still struggle mentally to hit my goals in the 5k. Remember the process goals we talked about. They are the key to building confidence on race day.

  2. You are always more ready than you think you are. What's the worst that could happen - you finish and want to run another one? Get it done!

  3. I ALWAYS! freeze up on race day-although I think i am slowly overcoming that hurdle:) Happy running!

  4. OK-you are going to rock it! If you can do it on "ED" you can do it on the course!! You've got this!!

  5. You are so ready for a 5K. Just get out there and do it! Think of it as a workout with other runners and food at the end.