Sunday, August 1, 2010

Do you have Sabotagers' among you?!


Today was suppose to be the "hard" quality strength run workout of the week. It started off with a 1 mile warm up. Then I needed to do "Mean Deans". This is where you run 1 lap around the track at a fast pace (5K race pace) then you stop and do various strength workouts in between laps. Today I did 10 push ups, 15 sit ups, and hopped on each foot 15 feet each way, then without taking any breaks you run another lap and repeat this over and over and over. A well conditioned runner should be able to repeat this 12 or so times (?)  depending on the mileage they would like but this would give them a solid 3+ miles at 5k mile pace. The idea is once you can't hold your pace you need to stop. I was going to shoot for 8-10 laps. Sadly I made it to 6 and I was wasted. Rather than continuing at a slower pace I was suppose to stop so my grand total for today's workout was 2 and 1/2 miles with the strength workouts in between. I'm so wussy :( Next week I'll try to add another lap or two.

I have to say although I feel the mileage was weak sauce I was happy with myself for not psyching myself out mentally. It was raining and I still ran. I used the street in front of my house because I didn't have access to a track for my Mean Deans. I would run clear down the street then turn around and run back. On my first couple of laps my husband and kids and dog were out there and when I would get to my "home base" to start my sprint and then do my strength workouts my 75 lb dog would come and jump on me!! Ugh!! To say I was annoyed would be obvious but sometimes the husband, children and dog are oblivious to what I'm trying to accomplish. After the second time my dog almost TOOK ME OUT I decided to yell at my husband to get him the crap out of my way! To which I received the evil eye and my kids saying things like, "gees your like a old lady who hates dogs!"
Here is the culprit Jasper--who I love---just not jumping in front of me when I'm trying to sprint! Don't let his cutest fool you, he is a killer :)?!

My old self might have stomped off into the house thinking "why do I even try when it's so ridiculous" but I didn't. I kept going even though every time I got back to "home base" my kids and husband were still giving me the crusty looks. It's nice to have such support sometimes isn't it?! Anyway, I finished and all is well with the world again.
BTW today is my 12 year wedding anniversary so even though I yelled at my husband and he was giving me the evil eye what we really meant was "I love you darling!"
Here we are 12 years ago today! Love you babe (and your evil eye!)
So am I the only one who has built in sabotager's?  Anyone? Anyone?
Happy Running
The Non Race Runner


  1. But you're so cute when you're mad.. :-)

  2. o.k. - 10 repeats is pretty ambitious. In the Club workouts, depending on conditioning and experience, we start at 4-8 repeats and build over 8 weeks. We max out at 10-11 and start adding 800s in the middle. So 6 repeats is a VERY good start.

  3. Good to know Rob! lol Obviously I was way off on what would I should do! Coach Dean where are you :)!

  4. I don't know if I have sabotagers, but my husband likes to say stuff like, hmmm, that's how fast you were today? or come on Ames, let's get a move on. Either way, it doesn't make you feel great!

  5. Adrienne - you ROCK!!! You did 6 of those - I got tired just reading about what you were doing!!! My biggest sabotager is not thinking I can do it, so not even trying. Or thinking what I did was not good enough. P.S. I love your blog!!!