Thursday, September 30, 2010

It Really Happened


At lunchtime I made sure the kids ate all their vegetables because vegetables are healthy.....
then pick up a pizza and breadsticks for dinner.

I cheered right along with my 4 year old because he was SO EXCITED he made a goal......
even though it was for the other team.

I got up at 3 am one morning because I had SO much to do during the day and needed the extra time.......
I spent the entire next day reading a book and accomplished nothing else.

I give my 2 year old a ride on the motorcycle to get the mail.......
okay it's actually my 8 year olds "electric" motorcycle but it's really fun to ride (he is at school, don't tell him)

I ordered my "Disneyland Book" from Amazon so I can start planning our spring break trip........
that same day my two sisters call and they are going to DL for Fall break, -together- with grandma and without me.  How come we don't have a Fall break? What a rip!

I'm gagging and shocked watching the foods the contestants on The Biggest Loser have been eating.....
while I'm enjoying my ice cream.
 (I watched the entire 2 hour show [DVR] in fast forward and I don't think I missed anything)

My next door neighbor, who is 4 years old, brings her dog Jessie over to play with our dog Jasper.......
My 4 year old says to our dog "Hey Jasper, want to smell Jessie's butt?"  He did.

Aside from the butt sniffing, not a whole lot of exciting stuff going on over here. Although my 2 year old did decide to paint her nails today when I was on the phone for 5 minutes.

Tomorrow morning I get to go to the elementary school and "volunteer" in the copy room.  An hour of my life I won't be able to get back.

Running news you ask?  Me running on treadmill at gym.  Husband running in Hawaii on Beach.

Is it Friday yet?

Happy Running, and Happy Weekend peeps!


  1. LOL…A goal is a goal as far as I’m concerned. His net was prolly closer so he did the smartest thing.
    I also don’t know what it is…but I eat the WORST and the MOST food when I watch the biggest loser.
    And I can’t even tell you how big my smile was when I saw that pic of your little girl. LOL…5 minutes…that’s all it takes to get your counter colorized. Her face is ADORABLE in this photo and priceless. She can do my nails anytime.

    Oh…and you you’re right…you can’t get that time back…but you can restore balance in the universe by copying your face smooshed up against the glass a few times and leaving it there for all to see. That’s what I’d do…but not my face.

    Have a good one and good luck with that counter.

  2. Adrienne - you are awesome.

    You are one busy woman.

    Loving the photo of your girl. Sorry she's just too cute to get mad at. YAY you for getting the camera!!

  3. Hmmmm, appears to be more paint on the counter than on the nails...

  4. You are so funny and wonderful! P.S. I love pizza and can eat it for every meal.

  5. 3:00 a.m.? I find that absolutely amazing. I'm impressed with your strength.

  6. Do clocks go to 3am!? I thought that they just put those on the clocks to be able to make them round.

    My wife and I BOTH had a good laugh @ your two year old. HOpefully boys don't like to do that.

  7. Cute pic of the little one.
    What does 3 am look like. I try never to see it.

  8. I read this earlier and laughed my posterior off, and posted a very pithy comment ... and I guess it was removed by Adrienne (because I was intoxicated?). Or maybe I left without finalizing the robot image recognition dummy detector word verification thing.

    Anyway I've checked back to say that after 16 weeks, if there is anything left of me, you are welcome to coach me! but first I get drunk and then I do the Rocky yell "AY DREEE YENN!" ... and I forget about the entire promise!

  9. I never remove any comments especially from you Andrew! My training programs involve lots of the Yo Adrienne calls so make sure you practice up on them :)

  10. awww now how can you get angry at that angelic face? =)

    new follower here. hope you can swing by my blog to join the KT Tape giveaway =)