Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday night is the new Monday morning

Share Did you know that more people blog Monday morning more than any other time/day of the week?  It's true.  I don't make this stuff up.

I have a CONFESSION to make.  I haven't run for 11 days. 
I imagine this is what a blogging runner must do on their blog in order to be "redeemed"
So I haven't blogged in a week because after my 10 miler last week I didn't run again until the following Tuesday.  Not the Tuesday after the Friday but the one after that Tuesday.  You know 11 days.  WHAT!  I think that is a record.

I don't have any good excuses.  I'm perfectly healthy.  I could have found time to run but didn't.  Sure I could blame it on the kids football (X2), soccer, piano (X2), trumpet lessons, SAGE, homework(X3), scouts(X2) and the husband being out of town for M-F for the last 3 WEEKS  leading to me thinking I was going to lose my bloody mind didn't help! Plus I was doing a lot of this. But truth be told I was just tired.  Physically? Ya. Emotionally? A little. Psychologically? Somewhat.  At any rate.  I know I broke the unwritten running "rule" that says something like "Thou shalt not miss more than one run or else all is lost" but let's face it.  I've been breaking rules long before there were rules to break!  (my attempt at sounding like a Bad A**)

Tuesday I really felt like running, made my way to the gym and cranked out 3 miles at my 10k pace.  Wasn't even hard.  Running out of time (story of my life) I ran the next 1/2 mile at 5K pace and still wasn't dying so I ran the next 1/2 mile at 30 faster than my mile pace.  I would have liked to run longer but alas the football kids were calling to be picked up.
This run led me to a few conclusions:
Conclusion #1  I should take an 11 day break in between runs because it makes running a lot easier.
Conclusion #2 I think it's time for a new time trial because I think I need new goal paces
Today-Wednesday I decided I needed a hard run workout because yesterday's (although I was expecting it to be hard because I hadn't run for so long) run workout was too easy.
I decided to do my 15's workout.  This workout sucks rocks.  Went to the gym.  Warmed up with a 10K speed mile which is a 10:30 pace for me.  Then cranked the treadmill up to a 8 mph speed and I would run 15 seconds on then jump off for 15 seconds and every interval I upped the speed by .5  until I was at 10 mph which is a 6 minute mile speed. I held at 10 mph for the next mile.  It was hard.  Considering I'm almost doubling my speed.  Now I just need to figure out how to stretch that 15 seconds to another 5:45 Ha ha.  I'm joking.  I finished off with 4 miles total.  It was a good run workout but I still feel as if I could have done more but again...the ticking of the clock made me head out earlier than I wanted to.
Conclusion from second day run:
#1 I really need a new time trial
#2 I should pick a race because without a goal it's easy to be a slacker and yet how can I when all my Saturdays and Sundays are booked solid-not to mention my M-F days?  Hmmmmm, dilemma dilemma.  If anyone knows of a race at Midnight in the Phoenix area let me know I think I have that time open most days or shall I say nights.


  1. No worries - falling off of the wagon happens to the best of us. The trick is to get back at it.

    I've really found that signing up for a race helps me get focused.

    Javalina Jundered starts at night :)

  2. Hi Adrienne,
    Thanks for stopping by, I see that you are friends with Adam. How funny is that guy! Seems we have different approaches to running and blog titles considering yours is about not racing and mine is about BQ or Die :-)

  3. Adam--okay I actually just googled Javalina Jundred--ya freak! I should mention that any race that is over a two day period is out :) Keep the suggestions coming though.

    Chris--Ya I think if my blog was BQ or die it would likely be the latter and there is so much to live for :) !

  4. Sometimes these ‘off-the-wagon’ breaks result in a fresher you and a stronger runner. I’m jus’ sayin’…before beating yourself up over this down-time…do a light “introduction run”…”Legs…member these shoes…and the road? You guys used to hang out.”

    11 days can easily be written off as solid recovery.

  5. Adrienne I like your attitude - 11 days is nothing ... I didn't do anything fizikal for 19 years ... except that stuff in the bedroom and I'm not sure about a lot of that.

    Get back on your feet! I'll be watching you - skiers need to stick together.

    Yes pick a race. I did and it has focused me completely. On top of that I told all the friends I had that I was going to run!

  6. You don't need to do the Jundred

    Come and do the 25K. Nights runs are great for time management.

  7. Q-still talks to his legs?! So weird.

    Always love Andrew's & Adam's comments.

    I love this from your "family" blog. . . . "Why are you taking a picture of me eating yogurt? Is that exciting? Me: Maybe."

    I swear we are sisters - well we really ARE but -- you know what I'm sayin.