Friday, February 11, 2011

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!


Okay, so yesterday my post was a bit of a vent.  Sorry about that I guess I was tired!  Duh!
 What I didn't say in the post yesterday I'll finish off today.  You are excited I can tell.
 I finally rolled out of bed and quickly got the older kids fed and out the door to school and then the doorbell rang and there was another little smiling face for me to watch.  My friend had a doctor's appointment so I had offered to watch her 18 month old while she went.  During this time my angel of a child Sadie decided to kick this little friend off our stairs and he landed smack on his head onto our travertine tile and ended up with a huge goose egg on his forehead.  I'm such a good mom and babysitter.  I'm sure my friend really appreciated me abusing watching her child for her.  I should probably start my own Daycare NOT!
(Insert sigh here)
 Anyway, he survived and his mom returned at around 10:45.
Why is this important you ask?  Well I'll tell you.  Because my gym's daycare closes at 12 noon so if you want to get your run in at the above mentioned gym and you have little ones you need to put in the daycare you gotta get there early.
This is where the liar liar pants on fire technique comes in.
I use this one on myself all the time and I always fall for it.  I'm such a sucker!
This is the conversation I had with myself in my head.

Me: "I really don't want to go run at the gym today I'm so tired I should just put Elmo on the TV for Sadie and go back to bed, by the time I get their I'll barely have 50 minutes of actual 'workout time'"
Me: "Just go to the gym and put Sadie and Reece in the daycare and just sit in the sauna"
Me: "Okay I guess that would feel good"
Get kids in car.
In car driving to gym.
Me: "Okay your already on your way you might as well just do something easy like the bike so it's not a total waste of time"
Me: "Okay maybe for 20 minutes but that's it"
At gym, check kids into child care.  Go get on the treadmill.
Me: "I thought you were going to do the bike?"
Me: "I know I totally am I'll just walk for a little bit then go get on the bike."
Start running at my warm up run pace.
Me: "I thought you were going to walk?"
Me: "I know I'm just going to run slow instead I guess"
After a mile at warm up pace I up the treadmill to my 5k Goal pace speed.
Me: "So you are going to run Goal pace today?"
Me: "I'll just see how long I can hold it, just be quiet and leave me alone."
Me: "Whatever lady"
Finished planned 4 mile workout as well as some ab and back excercises, picked up kids and headed home.

So am I completely crazy?  Don't answer that. I actually lie to myself and then I believe it?  Does anybody else ever do this kind of self talk to get them to do things?  Or am I the only one that talks to myself?  Hello?  Anyone, anyone?

Sorry to report that today's run was less dramatic and exciting as it was just a 8 miler at a slower pace so not much of a technique for this one aside from turning on the treadmill and moving my legs back and forth for approximately 1:25 minutes (half marathon pace).
Hope your all having your own exciting running adventures and TGIF!
Happy Running,


  1. The bulk of your days should be moving your legs back and forth:) But- it is ok to get intensity higher a few times a week too. Running by feel is alright!!

  2. I bet YOU'RE not sorry today's run was less dramatic! (and for the record? yesterdays post was HILARIOUS! when did you kidnap my husband?)

  3. SEriously, the lying is necessary! I haven't applied it to running, but I have tricked myself into cleaning the house, and sometimes organizing ONE more closet! "just set the timer for 15 minutes! that is it! Not a minute more!" An HOUR later a clean kitchen and a tired momma! You are the best! Have a great one! ~Laura

  4. I can't imagine anyone else talks to themselves to that extent, nor lying to themselves. You clearly need serious help and remind me not to leave my kids with you either.


  5. Ha - I need the crazy woman sign please!

  6. Me, lying to myself? Never. I also never, ever talk to myself. What do you think, I am crazy or something?
    Have a peaceful weekend.

  7. oh I've done that SEVERAL TIMES. Minus the kids of course. Its so mental, right? I am glad you pushed through it. Nice run!

  8. Don't most people actually talk themselves out of a run, not into one. You Cowboyed Up. Good job. Or, am I missing something here?

  9. hmmmm...sounds like you read my mind from the other morning. I did complete my workout, but not at 5k goal pace. YOU ROCK!

  10. The voices in my head tell me to burn things.

    wait, who said that? I'm confused. :)

    Way to get out there and kill it!!

  11. and by out, I mean inside....on the treadmill.... at 5K goal pace.... (it is WAY too late on a friday afternoon...)