Saturday, February 19, 2011

Heart and Sole 5K Race Report

Goodyear Ballpark Arizona Heart and Sole 5K
This morning the alarm went off at 6 am and I thought to myself....."why am I doing this?"  After being up twice in the night with two different kids I was less than enthused about running a race.
BUT I dragged my sorry rear end out of bed, got ready and we were out the door.  The oldest child left to watch the younger ones while Travis and I headed to the 5K.
I had some goals in mind of what I wanted to do but I honestly wasn't really sure how it would all play out.
Not sure because :
A.  I'm fairly new to racing and don't really know what I'm doing.
B.  This is only my 2nd 5k, 1st "officially" timed 5k.
C.  Did I mention I don't know what I'm doing?

Since my 1/2 marathon at the end of January (exactly 3 weeks ago) I've been doing a lot of 5k goal paced runs (9:40 min/mile) and speed work with a few longer (8 mile) runs.  My 1st ever and previous 5k was the FYTO race and my finish time there was a 31:10 which gave me a 10:03 pace.  I was okay with that but that race I was working on more of my mental issues (like how I never run races cause they cause me huge anxiety) so I didn't feel I pushed too hard physically but it was a HUGE step for me mentally (thank you Adam) .  This 5k I wanted to see PHYSICALLY what I could do.  Here is what I planned on doing.

My Pre Race Plan:
I decided I would let myself go out faster than normal and let the momentum carry me for the first bit then settle into a 9:40 pace and try to hold that for the remainder and then try to have a "kick" at the end and see what happens.  My simple strategy I had for when I felt tired would be to "lengthen my stride". If I was able to do this and hold a 9:40 pace I would have a finish time of 29:59 and that was my time goal.  To make it in under 30 minutes.  I thought this would be a good plan.  Not too ambitious but shaving 23 seconds off of every mile would be challenging for me.

In training I have been able to hold a 9:40 pace for a mile but then I would slow for about 10-15 seconds and then back up for another mile for 9:40 and then another 10-15 second rest at a slower pace.  On race day I was hoping to do the same except take out the rests.

What Actually Happened:
I went out fast (just like planned) and I just enjoyed the enthusiasm of the race.  Coming up at the 1 mile mark I looked at my watch and I had just run a 9:15 mile --score!  Plus at this point in the race the leaders are coming back and Travis is in the lead--seriously such a turn on!  I slowed on purpose at this point thinking I would not be able to hold that quick of a pace.  Next mile I stayed fairly steady at a 9:30-9:40 pace.  I was not being passed at all and at one point I looked at my watch and it was registering a 10:00 minute pace--CRAP!  I immediately sped up.  I think I have a habit of falling into the pace of the runners around me, I think that was the case of this slower stretch.  I was more studious about checking my watch after that and was feeling pretty good up until around 2.25 miles in.  It seemed that everybody around me was walking.  I was thinking WTH?  This is a 5K?  The event was a run/walk and I think more of the walkers got the memo.  I wanted the energy of other "runners" around me but it just wasn't there.  Oh well, I'm running my own race anyway so I just went.  By now I've got 1/2 a mile left and I'm starting to hurt but I wasn't done yet.  Time for my last strategy of "lengthening my stride".  There are only two ways to go faster.  You can lengthen your stride or have a faster leg turnover.  Ideally you would do both.  At this point I couldn't go any faster but I'm 5'8" and I can stride so stride I did.  Travis was waiting at the final turn of the race (since he had already finished) and was cheering me on and when I hit what I guessed was the last .15 of the race I started to kick.  The finish line was set up where you had to make a sharp 90 degree turn about 15 feet before the timing mat so you couldn't kick full speed into the finish.  THAT is pretty annoying.  But I made it. Hit my watch and bent over trying to catch my breath.  Walked around for a few minutes, then looked at my watch to check my results.  28:58!!  That would be a 9:20 minute per mile pace!!  Wahoo!!  I was honestly SHOCKED.  I couldn't believe I had not only made my goal but beat it by a margin of 20 seconds per mile.  It was surreal.
Travis ended up taking 3rd overall.  2nd in his age group with a time of 18:25 for a 5:56 minute per mile pace.  He is such a stud muffin.  I can't say enough about him.
So the good and bad news about Travis placing is we end up sticking around for the awards ceremony.  While we were waiting we were goofing off so that was at least fun.

We went into the "family" bathroom and pretended to be Adam from The Boring Runner.

Here are some of my best impersonations:
Then there was knocking on the door and our fun was over and we got some "strange" looks as we exited the bathroom together.  What?  Doesn't every running couple go to the family bathroom together? It's a sign of true love.
Finally it was time for the Awards Ceremony and we waited patiently as they announced the "Overall Winner" (The two top finishers were on Travis's tail the whole way and overtook him with around 3/4  of a mile left to go)
Blah blah blah, on and on.  Then they went through each age group starting at 0-7 years old.  
"I'm thinking, oh good grief this is taking forever"  Usually I don't mind but remember I have a soccer game to get to.  
Blah blah blah, on and on. 

Then they get to Women's age 30-34. 
1st place...blah blah
2nd place....blah blah
3rd place....Adrienne Jensen
Wha wha what?  Well oh me oh my I just won a medal?!
Yes it's true....I can prove it right here:


PLACE   NO. NAME                    SEX AGE    TIME   PACE   
=====  ==== =====================   === ===  ======= =====  
    1    29 ROBIN DAYNES             F   34    26:41  8:36         
    2   146 KRISTIN STEELE           F   32    28:28  9:10        
    3    72 ADRIENNE JENSEN          F   34    28:58  9:20  

Even though I wasn't planning on winning I was able to come up with a speech on the spot.  I was all ready to give it but Travis waved me back over....apparently they don't do that at these sort of award ceremonies.  It was really good though. 
It went something like this "I'd like to thank my family and friends, all my fans, and especially all the fast runner women between the ages of 30 and 34 who decided not to come to this race, without you it was all possible....(there is more but you get the idea)".
Then it was Travis's turn for a medal in the 35-40 Age group I might note!  (Yes I am younger than him)


 PLACE   NO. NAME                    SEX AGE    TIME   PACE   
 =====  ==== =====================   === ===  ======= =====
  1   200 J.T. ASTON               M   38    17:49     5:44  
2    73 TRAVIS JENSEN            M   35    18:25     5:56

So here we are together.  I know we look like a total power couple but don't worry we are just normal, everyday people and I promise I won't let this go to my head.  :) 

And to think I wanted to just sleep in and forget the whole thing!
I think I could get use to this Racing Thing.
Hope all your races were as fun as mine this weekend.
Happy Running!


  1. Congratulations, I love it - his and hers medals!

  2. Goodness, Travis really IS a stud!

    Hey, a medal is a medal! Without your goal chasing you wouldn't have gotten this! Congrats!!! WooTWoOt!!!

  3. glad you decided to race it! You guys are both studs! Especially with the family bathroom pic, haha!

  4. I'm so proud of you. You need to give yourself more credit than you do because you are a great runner and you have an awesome kick. Very cool on the age group got some hardware!. Love the "Adam" pictures.

  5. Adrienne..Adam..Adrienne...Adam... I'm so confused! Congrats on a great family race and overcoming your race nerves with a hubcap sized medal!!!

  6. Great job!! Congrats to both of you that's awesome. I'm super jealous of your power couple status. My husband finishes top 3 in his age group pretty frequently, but I never will. You guys ROCK!!

  7. That was a fantastic race report! I could totally feel you through each part of the race. I also tend to match paces with the people around me. What a great race you ran ~ Congrats!!

  8. This is my favorite race report EVER. So funny. Travis is a total Stud Muffin. One thing that stuck out for me; hen you dragged your "sorry rear end" out of bed. Seems you have really swung the pendulum far in the other direction my former potty mouth friend.

  9. Congrats you two--the age group winning couple here! Whoop, whoop! :)

  10. Adrienne, that's AWESOME! I love the energy in 5k's. How fun for you two to race together. And matching medals?! Holla:) Way to go!

  11. Congrats on your medal, that's so awesome!

  12. Well aren't you guys awesome! I guess Travis had a baby as well.

  13. Woo hoo - podium finish! Excellent.

  14. Guess you might have to get into this racing thing after all!! Very happy for you!!

  15. freaking

    Toilet photos rock.

    Girl you killed this. HOLY AWESOME.

    YAY to Travis [what a speedy man you married].

    Love that you run together. the. best.

  16. YAY!!! You make me laugh AND smile! COngratulations to the dueling medal winners!!!

  17. Congratulations on a PR and a medal for your efforts!

  18. Stumbled on this link from your FB face on accident, I'm kind of a loser following blogs, but one word: A-MA-Zing!!! So awesome to read, and see, you're the bomb. I got on a treadmill for the first time today in, well forever and to see my wussy pace, I really need to kick it up! Thx for the motivation, you're inspiring... Trav's medal's not so bad either ;)

  19. That is so funny!!! Congrats all around!! And don't lie, you two are The Power Couple. You should start referring to yourselves as such!!

    And who puts a 90 degree turn 15 feet from the finish? Sheesh1

  20. Fight on and on ye Aztec men
    Sons of Montezuma
    We will win again
    Keep your spirits high
    Never bow a knee
    We will fight till victory

    Fight on and on ye Aztec men
    Proudly raise your banners high
    For it's the Red and Black
    Hail to our team
    San Diego Aztecs fight!

  21. Bwahahahaha! Like singing the "fight song" can help you now? Puhleeeze. Maybe you need re-reminded of what happened last time.

    Best quotes from article :

    The kid turned it on the Aztecs like a faucet.

    The Jimmer Show.

    Down went No. 4 SDSU in what they're calling the biggest game in the history of the Marriott Center and the Mountain West Confernce.

    Snap, crackle, pop. Fredette got points 39, 40, 41 from the line. Candy from a kid.


    So what should you do if your an Aztec Fan and Jimmer is coming to town? Book the first 45 hour flight out-of-there!!

  22. That is so awesome! CONGRATS!!! I knew that you could do it, you just needed a fake race to get your 5K legs under you. PLUS, you got an AG award!?!? Amazing.

    Those toliet pictures LITERALLY made tears come down my cheeks. I think I found my new desktop background (kidding, but it would be funny)

    Travis is freaking fast! Bummer that he got passed, but 3rd is pretty damn good!