Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet Revenge on "the" runner!

Share Sometimes things in my life are so ridiculous I can't even be upset about it because it's just how things are around here.
Take last night (and this morning) for example.
I had just finished tucking the last of the kids into bed and the house was finally quiet.  I climbed into bed myself at around 9:50 because I was so so tired. (Mainly I was extra tired because Travis had been away on business for several days).
 Anyway Travis comes to bed around 10:30 and starts talking to me (waking me up) about the last few days blah blah blah, then finally decides he is ready to go to sleep.
 He lays down and is out in less than 2 minutes.  Takes me another 30 minutes to fall BACK to sleep.
 A little bit later I awake to Travis SNORING!  Ughh.  He does this sometimes.  So I tell him to roll over and I try to get back to sleep (takes another 30 ish minutes).  This continues 3 more times over the next several  hours!  Him sleeping away SNORING and me NOT SLEEPING.  Finally I give up and I grab my pillow and head downstairs to sneak into bed with my 10 year old.
Finally I get to sleep.
Few hours later I wake to a "thump thump thump thump" continuously repeating and think "What the heck is that?" after a minute I realize it is TRAVIS running on our treadmill that is upstairs in our room that is directly over the 10 year olds room.  SERIOUSLY!?!  So I get up, go upstairs, tell him it sounds like a stampede downstairs and we are trying to FREAKING sleep already.  I go back downstairs to bed and try to go back to sleep.

20 minutes later I hear Ozzy Osborne's laugh coming out of my purse that is in the kitchen and I'm once again awake.  Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne happens to be my ringtone on my cell phone.  (Fitting I know)  So I'm thinking "Who the heck is calling me this early?"  I go to check and it's my 8 year old Dayton.
Me: "Hello?"
Dayton: "Mom where are you?"
Me:  "What do you mean, I'm downstairs, where are you?"
Me:  Hearing commotion and loud beeping and crying kids upstairs I run upstairs.
Reece, 5 year old, and Sadie 2 year old are in my bedroom crying.  Loud ANNOYING beeping coming from Dad's office (also upstairs).
So I go in Travis's office and his friggin phone alarm is going off.  I turn it off.  Travis is nowhere to be found. I realize he must have gone running outside since I made him get off the treadmill but he forgot to turn off his alarm.
I get everyone back to bed and climb in my own bed with the 2 year old and am drifting off again when I hear BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP coming from the office again.  Freak I must have hit snooze or something.  Get up and turn it off again.  5 minutes later guess what happens.  Turn it off again.  5 minutes later guess what happens.  Repeat for 30 more minutes. Apparently I'm an idiot and can't figure out how to turn off the bloody phone alarm.  At this point I'm contemplating a hammer but I hear the garage door opening.  Finally Travis is home.  Give phone to 8 year old, who never went back to sleep, and tell him to take it to dad and have him turn it off.  Go back to bed with 2 year old, again.
NOT TEN MINUTES LATER  guess who is in the kitchen making a protein shake WITH ICE and blender! LOUD, LOUD ICE and LOUD LOUD BLENDER!!!
Then of course topped off with you know who proceeding through my bedroom and into bathroom to finish off the event with a non quiet shower, and get ready for work, then kisses me on the forehead and is out the door for the day and I'm left laying in bed plotting my revenge.

So I ask you dear running friends has this ever happened to you?  No?  Could you possibly be the yapping, snoring, stampeding, phone ringing, alarm beeping, blending showering running fool I'm speaking of?   I feel I need to warn you that a spouse, child or roommate may secretly be plotting revenge on you without you even knowing it.  Watch your back out there.
Happy Running,


  1. Well, I guess this makes me feel better that I'm not the only dude that wakes his wife and then dozes right off! I thought she was just making it up!

  2. Are you married to my husband?
    Maybe not, mind does not run.

  3. Too funny! Life is good! ;-)

    Funny to look back on...not so funny right when it's happening.

    Here's to sleeping well tonight!

  4. Oh my goodness! Feelin' for ya here....Arrrrggghhhh!

  5. HILARIOUS!! Mostly because I can relate.

    Sweet dreams tonight =)

  6. Has this happened to me? You are joking right? Not even close. I'm single and have one kid 1/2 the time. I'm 1000% sure you wouldn't trade your life for anything, but when I hear that story, it makes me glad to be single :-) I like the new Blog title.

  7. That made me tired just reading it! My husband falls asleep the minute his head hits the pillow and is oblivious to anything that happens through the night (kids being sick, crying, coming in our room, etc.) and he snores and wakes me up too...very annoying. I hope you get some extra rest today and a good night's sleep!!

  8. Now I understand why my sister keeps hiding my stationary trainer for my bike and won't let me get a treadmill (we live in the same house and her room is under mine!). I growl at anyone who wakes me up to talk and it isn't to tell me that someone is bleeding and NEEDS my help!