Monday, January 10, 2011

FYTO Race Report--(The one you've all been waiting for)


Well as you know I'm the Non Race Runner and last Saturday it showed.  I showed up for the FYTO race and was happy to see my running camp buddy Christina, the Lazy Bones Running and also meet my friend Emily also known as EMZ.  Even though I hadn't met EMZ in person I felt like I knew her through blogging and emails.  
I guess I was really excited--hence the lovely face.
Anyway, the reason my non race running experience showed so much is my time-- 31:10, good grief.  I started out way too fast.  Like at 8 min mile speed and then after a couple of minutes I noticed this and pulled back from the crowd but I pulled back too much. Should have slowed to a 9:30 pace but it was more like a 10 ish pace.  Now we all know that EMZ could have taken home the blue ribbon but we were running together and were chatting the whole way.   Deep Deep conversation that you all only wish you could have heard...(.and learned from).  The good news is since this was my 1st ever 5k it's a PR.  So remember the above number because I likely won't.
In the picture below notice the hot guy on the left all in black?  That is my husband Travis.  He is such a good sport to run this race and the FYTO race actually counted as our "date night morning" for us. (Yes, old married couple)  I heart him.  
Here they are, the top 4 finishers.
So Travis is the mystery man you've all been seeing behind Adam.  He almost caught Mr. Boring but this time Adam is the victor.  Note to Adam:  He's coming for you!
Don't you love Adam's BIG smile and then Travis's face is like "why are you taking the picture with me behind!"  
I asked Travis after the race if he and Adam talked while they were running.  He looked at me funny like I was an idiot and said..."uh, no".
 So as the Non Race Runner I did learn a lot from this little race.  If you want to have a good time it's probably best to keep the legs a churning, the lips buttoned and pay attention to your time more.  So if I had to do it all over again I obviously wouldn't change a thing.

Thanks to Adam and Lauren for organizing this.  It was great to meet you and it was a fun race.
Thanks to everyone for all the goodies and it was so great to meet all of you.
Thanks to EMZ for freezing to death while I yapped your ear off.

Happy Running,


  1. Yeah! A PR!
    I think the boys weren't running hard enough because they are smiling...if they were running hard they would have a pained look.

  2. Congrats on your first PR.
    I am not a race runner either and since my blogger did not show Adam's posts, I did not know about the race. Maybe I would have PR-ed too had I known. :)

  3. Congrats on the PR and sounds like the perfect "date morning" to me. :)

  4. Awesome report Adrienne! I love the way you've given a new spin on yourself and the others I follow. I tried following your husband but he called the police on me.

    About the date morning. My wife and I once drove about 4 minutes to the drug store together to pickup a prescription for my mother-in-law. We actually both commented that it was the first time we were alone in a year!

    BTW everyone with a hat on is a wimp. Just saying ... the metric system makes you TOUGH! TOUGH I TELL YOU. Room for the bunk bed has been made.

  5. Also a time of 31:10 means you chicked me!

  6. Those guys were serious! I chatted the whole time too, so I'm with you. Anyways, it was great meeting both of you! And now I have another new blog to follow. Yeah!

  7. If you read my race report you'll see that I ALMOST got chicked by you. There's no one in the world I would rather chick me than you.

    Just a guess, but Adam is younger than Travis and look how close they are. So, who REALLY won? Hmmmmmh

  8. Clearly Travis won because the RD can't win, right?

  9. What fun! You have an awesome husband to show up with you like that!

  10. Adrienne.

    I just love you.

    Loved meeting you [it was a formality that needed to happen] ;) but I agree times 100 ---- I already KNEW you perfectly. ;)

    Loved this day. only sorry I was swooped away by the PITA in 15 seconds flat. never. again. ;)

  11. I am jealous you were able to attend the actual event!!!

  12. Woohooo, congrats on the PR! I would totally run and chat the entire way with you, too. Next year I hope Adam flies us all out there. And tell Adam that all us virtual races need medals, too - those were AWESOME!

    Nice job, Chica! Yay!!!!

  13. Ugg - I can't believe that I've been so busy to completely not get to this post!!! UGGG Great job on the race! Any time in your first 5K is a great time.

    Wait wait!! Travis and I DID talk while we were running though! Ask him about it - right after the turn around :)

    Thanks again for coming out, it was so much fun