Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award


I was nominated by Chris K over at BQ or Die for the Stylish Blog Award and I'm not sure whether I should take this as a compliment or insult.  After all he did pass up the lime green shirt that Jill suggested while he was in Colorado and in my closet you will find this
I see nothing loud about this shirt and no I don't have buyer's remorse.  What is that anyway?

Before I get  into the 7 things about me can I just quickly note that my 5th grader has been learning about the metric system in school and if the course doesn't end soon I may just lose my mind.  

Everyday it's:
Hey mom how many grams in an ounce?
How many quarts does it take to fill a 40 gallon tub?
How many miles in a kilometer?
Does a $5 bill weigh 1 gram or 5 grams?

Dear Landon, I'm American!  I don't care!  
Thank goodness for Google.  What did mom's do before google?

Okay, here are the 7 things about me you never wanted to know :)

1.  I'm a Cub Scout Pack Trainer for the Boy Scouts of America.
 Cub Scout Motto:    Do your Best
My Motto:         It's easier to build a boy than fix a man.
My other Motto:  If at first you don't succeed. Try doing it the way your wife told you to in the first place.

2.  I usually make sure my kids make their beds and have clean rooms but I just shut the door to my room. :)

3.  Friendships are important to me.  Sometimes they take work and that's okay.

4. I was voted "Miss Clear Creek" by my 5th grade class at our overnight cabin trip because I brought candy and it was against the rules.  I was a rebel, even way back then.  Teachers were not happy I won. Hahahahahahaha!  In your FACE!

5.  I'm one of three leaders in my church over the children's organization (called Primary)  this takes up a lot of my time but that's okay.  It includes around 90 kids ranging in age from 18 months to 12 years old.  I. LOVE. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THESE. KIDS.  (Now you know what I do when I'm not blogging or sitting on the couch eating bon bons healthy snacks.)

6.  I'm really bad about answering texts or calls from my cell phone.  My cell phone is for me to call YOU not for people to bug me when I'm out.  This really bugs my husband and mom. It took me a year to set up voicemail on my cell phone.  Again, it's about me, not you. But feel free to call me anytime. :)

7.  I was a little offended that Chris K referred to the other Adrienne as "a damn fast one" and me as "the damn funny one"  so that is basically like saying I have a big butt?  Wow, thanks.  So I'm the girl at the club with the "sparkling personality?" " Nice face?"  "Beautiful on the inside?" So I did what any girl would do and clicked on Adrienne the damn fast one to check her out and HOLY SHNIKES he wasn't kidding!  She has a 5:32 mile and a Marathon: 3:05:20.  Okay, I'll stick with damn funny because what choice do I have.  Your forgiven Chris, I'll keep my sparkling personality.

So now to tag people:
1. Check out my friends new blog at Training Trio. (there are 3 of them so it counts for 3 tags)
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4. New friend Reid over at Life Strides
5. Janice over at Run Far and Strong

This just in!!  
Hey mom, would you use Kilometers to measure the state of Kentucky?  
No Landon, I would use google to measure the state of Kentucky.  TGFG!

Thanks Chris for the tag.
Happy Running


  1. #1 is awesome!
    # 6 is me

    I used to think that Googling yourself was a bad thing, now I Google everyone and everything!

  2. I like your mottos! And congrats on the major award!

  3. Well, I wanted to say "Damn Cute One" but that Travis looks like a big Dude.

  4. I never knew that I was married to "Miss Clear Creek!"...and about the cell i-phone, with Verizon's new contract, unitil you TURN YOUR PHONE ON! :-) Love ya.

  5. My nephew is learning geometry and I was quizzed if I knew angles of all these shapes...which outside of a triagle and square, I don't.

  6. Adrienne! You are awesome and I read your post below about the race and you did Wonderful =)

    When are we going to run a marathon together =)=) are you going to be watching Rock'n'Roll phoenix this weekend!!!!! Sarah ran it last year.

  7. You're a hoot and a hottie, so take that fast Adrienne.
    Thanks for tagging me. I was wondering what to blog about. I been a little lazy in the bloggy world.
    I measured the state of Kentucky in a 4 hour drive yesterday. Ugh. Seriously.... we drove 3/4 of the state. Not fun.

  8. Well, I just get a "hey you" so I'm not fast or cute or funny. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that lime-green shirt - Chris K has zero class. ZERO! Why you're entire blog words are lime-green. We are true friends :). Sometimes I have to google my blog just because I don't have it bookmarked on a new computer or something... just a few words vs the entire address and whala, there it is. TGFG for sure!!!!

  9. Found you through EMZ...we are having the meet-up this weekend but looks like you won't be able to make it! Dangit... I'll have to follow u through your blog... :)

  10. loving #3 & 5.

    and #7. just killed me. you crack me up.

  11. Hi Adrienne, I'm Adrienne. I had to check out your blog too, great stuff!Thanks for the compliment...and you are damn funny!! Sorry Chris offended you;)

    Run on!

  12. my husband is from new zealand and uses the metric system all the time, ugh. youre right thank goodness for google!
    And i love how involved you are at church. :)

  13. And oh by the way, I did call you Adrienne #1. Now can't we all just get along?

  14. I never answer my cell phone unless I know who is calling about what. I'm with's about me calling you.

  15. I love these!! You should get your son an awesome calculator. Isn't that how everyone does math?

    The only math I know is in 5K, 10K and 42K segments :)

  16. I love your mottos! I agree about the cell phone...I don't like to answer it and I only use mine when I have to.