Thursday, January 27, 2011

Warm feelings and What could possibly go wrong with racing?


One of the things I love about being a mother is sometimes late at night when the house is still and everyone is sleeping I hear the pitter patter of little feet.  They are always coming at a sprint to "my side" of the bed.  Little hands reach up and out for mama and I instinctively lift them up and over and they snuggle up in the crook of my arm and are instantly back to sleep.   
The other night this happened and as I was falling back to sleep I felt all warm inside....WAIT, WAIT, HOLD ON, that's not something warm on the inside that is something warm on the outside.  Travis must have felt the warmness as well because in a synchronized swimming type movement we both did a "up and out" type dive and then he stumbled for the light.  
Our dear offspring was still sound asleep in the middle of our bed with a wide circle of pee surrounding them.  
Quick "washcloth" bath and change of PJ's later the little one was warm and asleep again in their own dry bed.  Travis snagged the available spot on the other "big" bed with one of the kids and I was left sleeping in a sideways U turn position for the rest of the night with the lovely smell of the urine/clorox quick cleaned mattress.  
$40 of dry cleaning later all is well with the world again.
Sleepers assume the position.  Just picture the black part as my body and the yellow as...well, you know.

More Pre Race thoughts:
I got an "urgent" email from the Race director about some changes in this Saturday's race course.

Dear 1/2 Marathon Participant,
Due to forces out of our control, we have had to change the 1/2 marathon course at the last minute. The course is still USATF certified and has been checked and double checked for length accuracy. We appreciate your patience in this matter!
My 1st thought:  "Oh great, they have turned the 1/2 marathon into a full one and made it all uphill."
So I clicked on the link to check out the new course and this is what I found.

Now I realize I'm not a seasoned runner but good grief this route seems a bit of a loop de loop. Actually it's perfect.  Jacked up course for a jacked up racer.
    "Put your right foot in, put your right foot out, put your right foot in then run a mile or two then shake it all about......"
Hey, whatever works.  Even with the changed route I think things should go well as long as I don't run into any of these problems these other runners had.
Ouch.  That's going to leave a mark.

Happy Running and good luck to all those Racing this weekend.


  1. My dog has peed in the bed at night, twice. It was so horrible I'm so sorry for you and your mattress.
    That goose-face photo is EPIC!

  2. I love the little pitter patter of feet coming to get in bed with us too. Doesn't happen often but it is always our middle daughter and she loves snuggling in with us. She hasn't peed with us though. too funny...or in your case, not so funny. :)

  3. So the real question is will you pee yourself during the race course if there is no portapotty nearby? Or to finish faster? Or to BQ? Or for any other reason?

  4. Kovas, now that I'm going to be a racer I would not only pee my pants for the cause but if there weren't any water stations nearby I would for sure rehydrate with it and likely cut off my arm using nothing but my timing chip just for added dramatic effect. I'm just that hardcore now.

  5. I always worry about those late night snugglers peeing, it hasn't happened yet... I think I'll be more vigilant about a trip to the bathroom first.

    Good luck this weekend, you'll do awesome! Love the new course, it looks... fun! :)

  6. Why do kid always know to go to mama's side of the bed? :-)

    Have a great race this weekend!!

  7. Good luck with your 1/2! That map looks exactly like my training runs in my neighborhood.

  8. When I get up to take a shower in the morning, my 13 year old daughter sprints into the still warm bed and snuggles with my wife. I need to wake her up as I leave for work so she can get ready for school.

    I'm jealous of my wife.

  9. Maybe the Race Director got a Cartography Degree from Weber State.

  10. I enjoy races and runs with lots of twists and turns. Maybe I get it from the trails or something. Anyway, at my pace it is great. The only patter I hear is one of the dogs coming to take a chance of sneaking onto or into the bed.

  11. Maybe the course was laid out like that when the race marshal started to pace out the course and he noticed some dog poo, made a detour and noticed drunk vomit, made a detour and noticed decomposing corpse in Denny's garbage bin ... or he was a repo man and this was his route on day.

  12. LOL. I'm not looking forward to THAT parenting experience. But, I suppose that it is just around the corner.

    Eesh, that course looks....interesitng. off to see how you did!